When and Why you should choose angular for your project?

Posted by Stephen Foster on March 4th, 2022

Backed by Google and an excellent community, Angular is one of the most popular frontend web development frameworks used for web & mobile application development projects. However, Angular cannot be the best choice for all sorts of development projects. Businesses, thus, need to delve deeper into their projects and see whether Angular makes sense for their project.

It is equally important to look around and see what kind of development projects usually leverages Angular for their frontend development challenges. As a top notch Angular development company, we believe organizations should consider Angular for:

Enterprise Web Apps
Forward-looking enterprises across the globe are increasingly investing in strengthening their digital ecosystems with robust enterprise web apps that help them increase their agility, and gain competitive advantage. However, building enterprise grade applications often entail concerns like development time, app performance and cost.

Angular, thus, has been designed to significantly reduce the complexities involved in building enterprise web applications. When you choose a leading Angular development company for an enterprise web application development project, you can expect to derive benefits such as:

  • Code consistency and reusability
  • High-performance and fast reloading
  • Easy and effective testing and bug fixing
  • Easy app maintenance
  • Auto-completion

Progressive Web App Development
Customer experience takes a hit when the user is not able to use or access the application in a no-network area. To resolve the challenge, progesssive web development is the new trend that is gaining traction to deliver a seamless user experience in the no-network areas. PWAs employ the existing browser technologies. They use service workers. Thus, with PWAs, users can utilize the application even when it’s offline. And Angular has the capabilities that make it a preferred development platform for progress web apps.

In a nutshell, you should consider Angular for enterprise web applications and progressive web apps. But, you also need to understand what makes Angular a popular choice for web development. The reasons are many: Angular is supported by Google and a thriving community; new versions are released quite frequently; it has an opinionated architecture and thus enforces a certain structure onto the web development project.

  1. Backed by Google and a thriving community
    Google is the force behind Angular and uses it in its own digital ecosystem, primarily in its public applications. Angular also enjoys a thriving worldwide community of developers that continuously make the platform more suited for frontend web development.
  2. Typescript
    Angular applications are written in Typescript which is a superset of JavaScript and is known to offer a host of benefits such as improved security, improved navigation, improved refactoring and auto completion services, and more.
  3. Declarative UI
    The user interface of angular applications is defined by HTML which is a far easier language compared to JavaScript. With the declarative UI, angular developers only need to frame their requirements and let Angular do the heavy lifting. So, coders don’t need to spend a lot of time in program flows and deciding what loads first.
  4. Modular Structure
    Angular helps streamline and organize the entire web application development process by segregating the code into multiple modules. These modules or buckets contain directives, pipes, components, or services. Since an Angular development company decomposes an application into multiple reusable chunks or parts, the application can be managed by multiple teams or team members with focus on high availability and easy maintenance.

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