Qatar World Cup: England stars to discuss collective statement on Qatar ahead of

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Qatar\'s human rights record has been under the limelight since it was established that the country would host the FIFA World Cup and England players will consider making a joint statement this month.

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England Football players will discuss making a joint statement on Qatar\'s human rights record. The team will hold talks about doing a stance when they meet up at St George\'s Park later this month for the first two games in a Football World Cup year.

Wolves captain Conor Coady was one of the players to talk up at the last get all together as several have voiced concerns about the Qatar World Cup host\'s terrible record on human rights. Gareth Southgate names his team on March 17 for the back-to-back friendlies with the Switzerland Football team and Ivory Coast at Wembley later this month.

England Football team boss Southgate has lauded his players in the past for having a strong voice and they have seen the likes of Holland, Germany, and Norway wear T-shirts in dispute. That sent a powerful message and the England Football team decided to qualify for the tournament FIFA World Cup and then talk about their next move but there is a feeling they like to speak up.

Football Association staff have started talking to important human rights organizations and collecting data ahead of the get-together at St George\'s Park. They can then present the players with information on how migrant workers are given in the country along with disapproval over why Qatar was given the tournament in the first place.

Senior players have now made a powerful message over the pandemic, Raheem Sterling has been strong on anti-racism campaigns while Marcus Rashford has fought for free school meals. Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson helped launch an aid drive during the pandemic and they can make a change.

The players will believe a joint statement and hope that can highlight issues surrounding Qatar ahead of the Football World Cup. The FIFA World Cup starts in November and there is particular to be more examination of Qatar\'s human rights record as the year wears on.

Southgate showed last year that the Three Lions would \'take time to inform themselves\' forward of the tournament and refer to the issues surrounding Qatar as \"immensely complicated.\"

We must represent our country in the right way. he described. There are clear artistic variations between the two nations. And we, as a nation, do a lot of industry with Qatar as well. I was learning about Rolls Royce, 10,000 new jobs, heavy investing from Qatar into green equipment, and a way of working. So, it is enormously complex. For more know about FIFA World Cup Tickets Click Here.

\"Then we will take over the time to inform ourselves. And if we feel that there are areas that we can focus and help, then obviously we\'ve always attempted to do that, and we would do that.\"

England Football team’s players shouldn’t carry the weight of protesting Qatar World Cup 2022

Everyone already knows just how critical the decision to stage the finals in Qatar has been, and some other European squads have already made their stance on the matter clear, with players from Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway being especially vocal on the subject.

Their rallies earlier this year have only increased the pressure on England’s players to join them. After the Albania match, Conor Coady spoke out on the matter to indicate that England’s players are now looking to make a report of their own,

speaking that “a talk hasn’t been had yet because we’ve always told obviously, we are seeing quite a lot in the news at the minute that we get too sure we do our job first”.

It’s hardly shocking that the players should have a wish to speak out. After all, the current group of England players has, to differing degrees, made having a social morality part of their collective self.

Then what can they accurately achieve, and what difference might it all make? The answer to that issue probably varies on whether you take their concerns in good belief or not. There will be some who will argue that the only campaign that would bring about significant change would be to refuse the tournament entirely, and there is no sign that might happen.

It’s also worth holding in mind that they’ve been put in this unfair position by… well, just about everyone else. The nations within FIFA chose to contort the World Cup finals almost completely out of form by giving it to Qatar in the first place and FIFA’s director committee has put everyone in this place, as have the national FAs who haven’t spoken out on the matter much either.

And, of course, we wouldn’t be having this discussion if human rights abuses hadn’t taken place in Qatar in the first place. There is a basic perversity in the fact that the rallies these abuses will likely entice more comment than the actual harms themselves.

Possibly the only thing that any player can do is make their argument and try to shut out the background noise. It suits a lot of people for footballers to be the attention of all this speculation. Every column inch considering their response to it all is a column inch less that might have been taken up with talk about the abuses themselves or the deeply flawed process by which these finals were chosen to be hosted in this nation in the first place.

England Football team’s players must settle a minefield by making their statement, but we shouldn’t forget that this is a position into which they have been stopped by the game’s governing bodies. How we got to this situation should not be forgotten.

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