JP & TW's Soul Fighter Release Event in Blade & Soul

Posted by Ople Asension on May 13th, 2016

TL;DR: It seems dumb to not do this event in conjunction with the release of a new class.

On the JP and TW servers that our version seems to most closely parallel this upcoming event took place at the exact same time as Soul Fighter was added to the game (also following a pre-registration period to additionally get the free insta-45 token for it).

It makes sense: put a casual event in that benefits everybody and has the added benefit of helping those hopping on the new class train catch up due to the diminishing returns of nebula stones on higher upgrade tiers. In addition you could take part in the event from level 16 as opposed to our 36. And yes, cash shop resets were a thing there too.

A frequent complaint about SF aside from its PVE group contribution (in PVP it's 'fine' and even had its party healing nerfed in 3v3) is that it was released too late in the game's life so it was in permanent catch up mode. This is unavoidable and a pretty dumb argument, sure, but this event seemed at least designed to help.. Somewhat.

It's not being released in US/EU tomorrow (Jon's Twitter and 0 PR pretty much confirm this if it wasn't obvious) and our next content update that might contain it is more than likely not until June 1st (not confident) when the event here ends. The stones will no longer be available to earn even if they can be used for a little while, and are NOT account bound (again, Jon's posts here and Twitter) so can not be traded across IF SF is even added at that point. Also AFAIK this event has not been repeated on any server although a few 'lighter' upgrade campaigns have happened, along with Troves and such.

Aside from the Jin animation data, a class description voiceover and English video in the character create and some skill name consistency (Cerulean Punch or Azure Punch?) and grammatical tidying of the skill descriptions SF is 'in' our game along with the insta-45 capability. No client had Jin as a choice on release so we would be first on this. For fun, Hajoon's VA and subs in the low level quests awkwardly have him refer to the class as Chi Master and the cave of mastery just avoids titles completely (the class tutor is the KFM one FYI, similar to Madun for Summoners or whatnot).

Don't misunderstand, free stuff and events are great things. It just seems to be a kind-missed opportunity and will only make the inevitable forum cries of "I'm too far behind and everything is too expensive" worse when they finally do add it to our game. Who knows, maybe there's some grand plan!

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