Need For Air Handler Unit Restoration in Manassas and Tysons, VA

Posted by aircleaningtechva on March 5th, 2022

A small unit used to purify the air in and around a specific area is known as an air handler. A unit consisting of the necessary components is usually installed in the attic or on the roof of the concerned building to ensure effective functioning. The improved air circles through all concerned rooms by flowing through the associated air ducts of the installed HVAC system. Regular use of the air handlers can leave it dirty and prone to wear & tear. Air quality deteriorates, as a result, making it ineffective. The HVAC system fails to work correctly too. It is essential to ensure air handler maintenance in Manassas and McLean, VA, at the earliest.

It certainly helps keep the small air handler unit cleaned and fully functional. Contacting the dealer and scheduling annual maintenance and service plans can be hugely advantageous. The user does not have to bother with the unit\'s upkeep unless there is a significant problem. Having a professional inspect the unit periodically saves expenses in the long run as the tiny issues are taken care of immediately. With no costly repairs needed and cleaning of the unit guaranteed, both the air handler and HVAC system as a whole will function effectively for years allowing the user to stop thinking about changing it too soon.

Best Maintenance Plan

An annual checkup of the unit should be scheduled at least once a month. The local dealer would be competent enough to do it for the consumers. Sure, distributing cool and clean air to every part of one\'s home is assured when the air handler is up and running. Unfortunately, it includes multiple moving parts that work constantly. Wear and tear are natural and may impair the unit\'s efficacy unless appropriately maintained. Maintenance is a vast topic, and not everything needs to be done at the same time. The professional technician would make sure to complete the following when visiting a client as per the schedule:

  •  Cleaning the fan blades of accumulated dust
  •  Inspect every moving part to note cracks caused due to excessive wear
  •  Testing the fan\'s RPM and ensuring that it works according to the original designed specifications
  •  Tightening all screws on the shaft of the fan
  •  Clearing the dampers of dust and debris
  •  Examining the actuators and linkages and ensuring proper alignment
  •  Lubricating the coils as well as mechanical connections & joints
  •  Cleaning of coils
  •  Noting leaks, if any, in refrigerant lines, coils, fittings, and valves of the air handling unit
  •  Aligning the rigid couplings when found out of position
  •  Draining and removal of moisture from the cooling coils
  •  Temperature is set to optimum, and the unit operated to notice anything out of ordinary

Vacuuming the entire unit is the last but essential step of monthly maintenance. Failing to clean and maintain the unit as advised may impair its operations. It may become non-functional, eventually making urgent air handler unit restoration in Manassas and Tysons, VA necessary.

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