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Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on March 5th, 2022

An elderly citizen may be plagued with mobility issues with advancing years. Using a mobility aid may help one find a temporary solution but climbing a flight of stairs to access the upper floor soon becomes impossible. It is essential to consider an alternative that will enable the senior person to regain independence and peace of mind. It is necessary to contact a well-known stairlift company in Towson and Bowie, MD, with a proven track record for sales and service of such mobility assistants.

Adult children often make such a decision of elderly parents who are unable to stay in the same home. Having the senior citizen removed to an assisted living facility is not proper. Most individuals prefer to age in place and are reluctant to move out of their homes. Using a stairlift solves most of their mobility issues and provides them with comfort and independence despite the need to go upstairs now and then.

The old-timers are not too confident of the advantages of using a stairlift, however. It is crucial to learn that the stairlift, also known as chair lift is a mechanical device and is installed on the stairway. It follows the stairway perfectly and comes with a comfortable seat fitted with multiple safety controls. A frail individual finds it easy to sit in the chair and be in total control while ascending. There is a series of alarm buttons fastened to the seat\'s handle as well. The user can thus understand when something is amiss and troubleshoot the problem or call for a skilled technician.

Stair Lift Types

Just as homes are not constructed identically, stairlifts are also manufactured according to stairway types. A prospective user can select the right type after going through the brochure of a quality company or being advised about various models. The chair lift style is self-explanatory, and a first-time investor can easily select the best possible type. Some of the most popular kinds include:

Straight- This one is designed for a stairway that goes straight up and down with no curves in between. There is no landing in between either.

Curved- This one requires special attention, with the rail being customized according to the stairway type. It is the only type of stairlift perfect for moving up and down a curved path where there are bends in the middle of a landing to rest.

Outdoor- The elderly occupant or a disabled individual may lie to access the deck, patio, or garden that is designed at a slight elevation. Accessing the curves and bends is a challenge that such individuals fail to meet. Investing in a good branded outdoor stairlift can enable one to continue with the present lifestyle unabashedly.

Experts recommend looking at various models of Bruno stairlift for sale in Baltimore and Gaithersburg, MD to make a perfect choice. Bruno is a trusted name for stairlifts that need no introduction.

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