How Often Should You Change Your Mattress

Posted by Anil Sharma on March 8th, 2022

A common question that arrives in most people is how often should you change your mattress?

However, the answer depends on many factors including what type of material is used in the mattress. Generally, most mattresses have a life span of around six to eight years.

But the calendar itself cannot determine when you should replace your mattress. You should pair your mattress with the correct foundation for maximizing the lifespan of your mattress.

You should clean and maintain your mattress regularly and also invest in good mattress protectors.

If you notice any sign of deterioration in your mattress or if you don\'t feel rested after the night\'s sleep, then it\'s time for you to lookout for a new mattress. If you are having trouble getting a good night\'s sleep, you can also change your Sleeping Pillow and give it a try.

In this article, we will cover how and when you should change your mattress.

when you notice wear and tear

Obvious signs of wear and tear are a good indication that you should look for another mattress to buy. This wear and tear may include broken springs poking out of the top or side of the mattress, holes in the mattress coverings.

When you face allergies or problems related to asthma

An increase in symptoms related to allergies or asthma is another sign that you should change your mattress. It doesn\'t matter how often you vacuum and clean your mattress, it will absorb dead skin, body, oils, and moisture every time you go to bed. And these all attract dust mites that feed on dead skin cells.

These dust mites can produce allergic reactions and exacerbate asthma symptoms in many people. Similarly, when a mattress absorbs oil and moisture from your skin, it can grow mold and mildew on the mattress.

When you consistently wake up stiff and sore

A good mattress will help you to get a good night\'s sleep and will also contribute to your overall health by supporting your body and keeping your spine aligned.

If you wake up stiff and sore along with unexplained aches or pains in your back or sides then it\'s a sure sign that you change your mattress.

A good way to check this is by sleeping on some other mattress for a night. If you sleep better on some other mattress then you need to change your own mattress.

when you don’t feel rested in the morning

If you spend all night tossing and turning and then wake up feeling tired then it\'s high time that you replace your mattress. It\'s most probably because of the old mattress on which you sleep.

Saggy mattresses create a hinder between you and a good night\'s sleep.

You should replace your mattress if you find valleys or dips in your mattress. Similarly, the lumps and bumps in your mattress may prevent you from having a comfortable sleep position.

To avoid these bumps in your mattress, you should choose foam or other padding mattresses.

Replace if you experience a significant change in your weight

Your weight has a considerable impact on the average longevity as if you are heavier then you can wear out a mattress faster.

A significant weight gain or loss in your body can change the way your mattress adjusts to your sleeping position, and this will also affect the lifespan of your mattress.


While you lookout for a new mattress, you must also consider buying a Comforter for Double Bed along with your mattress as this also absorbs most of your body\'s moisture and can create molds.

Materials in your mattress usually degrade over time and you must keep a check on its degradation through the above steps. And if you find that the mattress is showing some of the above-mentioned signs then you should replace your mattress.

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