Qatar World Cup: Wales Football World Cup team play-off with Australia Football

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Qatar World Cup: Wales Football World Cup team play-off with Australia Football World Cup team in June

Football Association of Wales (FAW) chief exclusive Noel Mooney has putative Wales Football World Cup play-off semi-final against Australia Football team later this month could be suspended until June.

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The victors are to host also Scotland or Ukraine, who have demanded their semi-final be put back following the attack on their country by Russia. Mooney speaks the FAW are seeking thoughts with the three other nations, FIFA and UEFA. He imagines a choice early next week.

The game against Australian Football Team is currently decided for Thursday, 24 March with the final to decide who will qualify for the Qatar Football World Cup 2022 in Qatar due to take place on Tuesday, 29 March.

We are preparing to play against the Australia Football team on the 24th of March in Cardiff City Stadium, Mooney told BBC Radio Wales\' Breakfast program. I spoke to Rob Page for illustration yesterday, we\'re all set for that.

Then the news came finished yesterday about Ukraine requesting a delay of the match to June, so we\'ve written to Fifa and UEFA the past and we wrote to the other associations complex to roughly we should meet as soon as likely, early next week, to debate how this would work as we\'ve got a plethora of Nations League match of course in June.

FIFA World Cup Play-Offs

I promise you that we\'ll make a choice early next week, at the latest, I would say, and then fans can look forward to also March or June to play our Football World Cup play-offs Wales rival in League A of the Nations League for the first time are due to host both Belgium Football World Cup team and the Netherlands Football World Cup team in June in adding to trips to Rotterdam and Poland.

The FAW had already publicized it would not be ready to play matches against Russia as of actions in Ukraine, and Mooney talking before a pre-arranged meeting with the Scottish Football Association taking place in Scotland maintained there would be no shift in the method.

\"We have to show unity with our friends in Ukraine,\" he supposed.

We are a football domestic at the Football Association of Wales. We love football then we\'re also socially aware as well. Like anybody else, we\'re shocked and sickened by what\'s happening right now with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For more know about Qatar World Cup Tickets click here.

\"By entire accident, we\'re in Glasgow at the instant, me and our President Steve Williams. We\'ve decided dinner with the Scottish FA more by chance than by design as we\'re due to meet them on a plethora of other substances.

So that will surely be at the dinner table today, debating these matches in March. We\'re sold out for the Australia game, we\'re sold out for the Scotland or Ukraine match on the 29th, which will see us succeed for our first FIFA World Cup from 1958. We\'re unconditionally resolute to qualify, then at the same time, we have to work with our associates and Fifa, UEFA, and the other associations to make the right choice, a choice that\'s right for football, and is correct for our friends in Ukraine also.

Russian President Vladimir Putin threw a military invasion of neighboring Ukraine last week. Initially, FIFA did not issue a ban, a decision it upturned, by which time Wales Football team had said they would refuse to play any match against the Russian Football team.

\"It wasn\'t a good look, their initial decision,\" Mooney told BBC Wales cast.

Qatar Football World Cup: Football Nations Against Russia

Wales Football team, along with England Football World Cup team, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Sweden, were among the first nations to refuse to play matches against Russia. That decision was made when FIFA had told the Russia Football team to complete their upcoming matches in the neutral area under the name the Football Union of Russia without their flag and anthem.

\"It has been a hard few days as the football community gets our heads about what we can do to reply to this awful and disgusting behavior by Russia,\" he supposed.

Wales Football team could face a FIFA World Cup play-off match against Ukraine in March, although Mooney discloses there is a possibility some playoff matches will not be played as scheduled. Scotland will host Ukraine in the play-off semi-final for the FIFA World Cup 2022, while Wales Football team has been drawn at home to Australia.

If Ukraine and Wales Football World Cup side win their games, they will face each other in Cardiff in a final for a spot in Qatar. The semi-finals and finals, both played over one leg, will take place over five days from 24-29 March.

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