Reasons To Undergo the Forklift Certification Training

Posted by oshaprosusa on March 10th, 2022

The world is fraught with dangers, and people working in hazardous environments are subjected to more significant risks that endanger their safety. Sure, attending to one’s responsibilities is essential, but that does not mean risking the life either. Therefore, it is crucial to participate in a safety training program conducted by OSHA and obtain the required hydrogen sulfide certification when the tasks involve exposure to this toxic gas.

It is best to be aware of the properties of H2Sand understand the hazards before going ahead to take the training, however. It suffices to know that hydrogen sulfide is a colorless and odorless gas that is highly toxic to the human body. Unfortunately, people working in the oil and gas industry and those that handle petrochemicals face the risk of H2S exposure regularly. Proper knowledge about the poisonous gas and its effect on one’s health is essential when one has to work in an environment that contains wisps of deadly gas. Therefore, proper training and adequate safety measures are needed to work around it.

Training Basics

The student will learn how to identify the gas ad remain prepared to encounter it within the workplace. The training also provides advice about the necessities after accidental exposure.

The entire course will take two hours to complete and needs to be taken online. One can opt to take it on weekends from the privacy of one’s home as well. Information about H2S will be imparted to the trainees, including its physical properties and chemical composition. The trainee also knows about its common sources, the control measures, and all best practices used by experts. The course module follows OSHA CFR 1910.1000 guidelines perfectly.

Course Details

The entire course is divided into six distinct modules that provide training related to the following:

  •  Chemical Properties of H2S
  •  Effects of H2S on the body
  •  Techniques for H2S Detection
  •  Self-protection from the effects
  •  Requirement for Respiratory Protection
  •  Rescue Techniques

The trainee can follow the material at a leisurely pace as convenient. Videos are included at different stages of the training, with regular testing being conducted to ensure information processing before proceeding to the next level.

To take the training, one does not need to be well-versed in chemistry or be aware of H2S properties. Knowledge of English is a prerequisite as the narration, and video content is in English.


The trainee must answer a majority of the test questions to pass. The score needs to be at least 80% to obtain the certificate. Employees who fail the test on the first attempt can retake it to get the certification. A third attempt is also permitted for students who are unable to clear it for the second time.

Cargo handling and material management may require driving a forklift occasionally. OSHA provides forklift certification training for workers who have to drive the forklift in a sitting position or while standing up. Both trainings can be taken online at present.

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