Croatia Football World Cup: Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic made mistakes

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After a good night\'s sleep, the embarrassed but proud Croatia Football World Cup Side Coach Zlatko Dali? approached the media to talk about the game and the future of the national team. We lost overtime. Tired of the first half running after the ball, we were not playing the way we were supposed to be playing. After 3-1, we were back in the game, doing everything we needed, scoring points.

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We created two great chances in extra time, we didn\'t score, and after that, we lost the strength and energy to come back. Congratulations to Spain, and to my players for the battle they showed, especially in the second half. Croatia has shown its strength, character, ability to play with everyone in the world, recently we played with one of the best national teams in the world.

Croatia should not fear its future. We came in 20 minutes ago with three players in the back. We made five change players, we went back to the game, and we made it 3-3. We went back to four players in defense, knowing that Brakealo could not play well in defense so we sent Vrsaljko to warm up.

We created two great opportunities for extra time. When we wanted to change, Vrsaljko was standing next to me and waiting for a break, at which point they were scoring a goal. We should have reacted earlier, but the game started very well over overtime, so we didn\'t change it. Orši? got a chance, we didn\'t drink because he did everything. The change brought to power, power. We repented and it was not yet time.

Game preparation errors

There are always mistakes if you don\'t win. We have prepared ourselves as we should, the whole game has given us the right to change. When it came to replacing Croatia Football World Cup Star Ivan Periši?, there were so many options, I decided on Rebi?. I was expecting an explosion that he will play the best so far and will bring profit with his strength and quality.

That was our opinion. Juranovi? is on the right side because he has played well for Scotland. We have done everything. Whenever you lose, excuses are sought. I stand behind my decisions. I have made mistakes and I am aware of that. The goal was to pass the team. We did that, we were second. That is what we have come for.

That was not the last goal, we wanted more because we were so important. We have found Spain through a combination of conditions and we are out. We did it all, eliminating the World Cup and European champions, and the Netherlands. Germany or England will come out today. This is true of our circumstances. For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

We were unlucky because we missed Periši?, playing without Lovren. There were a lot of baddies. This team is more important than the quarterfinals. Goal achieved. On that side we are satisfied. I\'m sorry for the boys who did their best, I\'m sorry for the people who came to Copenhagen, wasted time and money, and I\'m proud of what we did in the second half. In synergy, great fan support has given us the privilege of leaving our hearts on the field.

These mistakes are strange, they rarely happen. You can do that against Malta, not against Spain. They punish you. When we change boots, we get a goal. They punish everything. Still Gvardiola\'s indifference, I do not know how the water got to him across the stadium. That is negligence that is why we are out of the Euro.

We find goals in those situations where our mistakes, which were the biggest, helped them. I achieved my goal. I will talk to the people of the federation, I am not burdened, and I have a contract that works until the FIFA World Cup. We have another goal ahead of us, which is to qualify to go to Qatar World Cup.

We were happy after getting from 1-3 to 3-3. We said we had an advantage, that we had confidence. I said we would be back at four o\'clock, that three makes no sense. It was good, two good chances for Kramari? and Orši?. But the power goes out. Budimir had a chance, that goal would set us back. But we have failed. We spent the night running.

We had breakfast at 10 am and I spoke to them in a few words, saying goodbye. They are going on holiday now. We are all sad, we wanted to do more and we can do it, it is very important. But I told them that this was true because we were so qualified. You always come back to how much you invested and how much you contributed. And we present did not invest everything to make Croatia Football World Cup side move forward.

I\'m going to talk to Luke these days so we can decide together what and how. I never talked to Lovren, Vida, Luke, those things you need to sleep on first. You need to relax and talk quickly. Whatever the case, September 1 is a big game, at which point everything has to be settled. Everything will pass quickly and we must move on. These issues should be resolved as soon as possible.

By the time we started the second period, they did it very well. Having said all about Guardiola, Brekalo can do so much more. He also plays another place with his team. He gave as much as he could. I will not blame anyone. Everyone got what they deserved and gave as much as they prepared.

Rebic after his mistake

I did not speak, there was no conflict. Luke Modric told him that he was wrong. Yes, there was anger when a goal was scored, but it was. He was changing his boots, I thought he was going back. And it just so happens that you agree when someone changes your boots. It\'s unbelievable. I will change some things, but I will not talk about it. One hundred percent. Maybe I did not agree with me, I would change that. Let that remain in me. If you do not do what you expect, you should change something.

I commit myself, I make mistakes in some things and I don\'t respond well. I will change something, but I will not say what. I can\'t look at excuses. We went through the group stages, we did that. We played against Spain the beauty of the tournament, it was a draw after the regular season. I did not hear anyone protesting. I don’t care about support, but if you play for the Croatia Football World Cup side, you don’t need a motive. I never felt like someone wouldn’t want or not want. I never heard it.

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