Avoid these 4 Mistakes to Hire the Right Personal Trainer

Posted by Mobile Fitness London on March 14th, 2022

Before you invest thousands of bucks into a gym subscription to achieve your health goals, read the following guide.

Trust us, there is nothing worst than investing in something unworthy—like a gym subscription that doesn’t help you achieve even a single health goal. The guide we have prepared will help you spot the difference between overly-hyped and an amazing personal trainer clapham common.


There is nothing shoddier than spending a year in a gym plus thousands of dollars with a personal trainer, only to understand that you haven’t made any progress in this fitness journey. So, try avoiding mistakes and keep on reading.

1. Understand your goals
Before hiring a personal trainer, understand what you want from them. This is crucial to achieving your goals and understanding whether the trainer is worthy or not. It is important to know that your personal trainer understands your goals and have the expertise to help you achieve them.

So, start with finding your goals like:
• Are you trying to lose 20 pounds or 300 pounds?
• Do you want to achieve a particular shape to feel better and more confident?
• Are you planning for a marathon?
• Do you want to become a powerlifter?

These goals will help you determine what kind of trainer you’re looking for.

2. Find the personal trainer
Once you find the right trainer based on your requirements, the next step is an in-depth conversation with them. Don’t blindly trust what they tell you without understanding whether it all fit together or not.

Here is what you can look for:
• They should ask about your diet and nutrition.
• They should ask about your past injuries or issues you may have including the medications you’re taking.
• They should be good listeners.

3. Don’t forget to ask about their credentials
This is necessary, you can’t just trust anyone without proper certifications. They should be certified trainers and have enough experience to train you.

You can also ask them to share some references or success stories to help yourself understand whether they’re the right professionals or not.

4. Always ask about their training fees
Don’t get carried away with their success stories and sign up. Make sure that their charges match your budget since you can’t break your bank to hire a trainer. Getting fit by going broke doesn’t make any sense. So, don’t forget to ask about their training fees and what is the procedure for paying.

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