The Many Benefits of installing Savaria stairlifts in McHenry and DeKalb, IL

Posted by accesselevatordotnet on March 14th, 2022

There is something called Corporate Social Responsibility. Bound by this, a commercial establishment has to take specific initiative for the society and take steps in bettering the workplace for everyone, even those who are physically challenged. One way to install wheelchair lifts in Wausau, WI, and Chicago, IL. Installing a wheelchair lift in a commercial building will not only help visitors, but it is also going to earn good points for the commercial establishment. Everyone deserves to visit a commercial place, be it a workplace, restaurant, or shopping mall. Only because they are being restricted to a wheelchair does not mean that they have to compromise on that little happiness. They can also lead an everyday life just like others. A person who uses a wheelchair can freely access the low-rise buildings if there is a wheelchair lift installed. This helps a safe and smooth floor to floor travel without leaving the wheelchair or being guided by anyone else. A wheelchair is one of the best accessibility devices compared to the rest as they are easy to install and require less space than ramps.

Even then, many commercial space owners are not so open-minded or have the heart to do something like this. For them, they should know about the benefits of installing one so that they too can reap the benefit of the same:

Complete access- The only reason for installing a wheelchair lift in the front of the commercial building is not to give people access. Still, one should go for this installation so that those with mobility issues can have full access to the various other parts of the building.

Safety- Safety is a top concern for those who have mobility issues. Walking with crutches or sticks or using a wheelchair can make it difficult and unsafe to walk or access other floors. There are chances of slipping and falling, leading to fatal injuries. A wheelchair lift is a safe option in this regard. One can walk into the lift or wheel in the wheelchair and push a button to lift themselves up. The wheelchair lifts come with a platform safety panel, interlock system, emergency stop button, and other features that make it a safe option.

Independence- Many don’t like depending on others. Only because they are bound to a wheelchair does not mean that they are ready to give up on their independence. The need to go out for some work or to just enjoy a cup of coffee should not depend on other’s availability. That is where a wheelchair lift can come in handy. The person will not have to rely on someone to access the other floors. Their independence remains intact, and they can continue to enjoy the simple joys of life.

Putting the company in favorable limelight- Installing a wheelchair lift or Savaria stairlifts in McHenry and DeKalb, IL in a commercial establishment can boost the company’s reputation immensely. Visitors will be happy to visit a place to solve their accessibility issues.

Wheelchair lifts in a commercial establishment make all public buildings accessible and compliant with all the state building codes. There is no reason for commercial building owners to think otherwise with so many benefits on offer.

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