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Posted by Liz Seyi on March 15th, 2022

We love building yurts!

The Really Interesting Tent Company has been producing top quality yurts since 2004. In 2017, the Devon-based owner retired and passed the business into the very capable hands of Rob and Di Miller, who are based in East Yorkshire.

Rob explained: “Back in 2016 my wife and I started looking to acquire or establish a business that we could really enjoy working on together. In searching businesses for sale I came across The Really Interesting Tent Company and after viewing and various discussions, we were very happy to officially take it over in June 2017.
Our Yurts

Our design is a contemporary adaptation of a Mongolian Yurt (Mongol or Kalmuk ger), offering a comfortable and inspiring living and working space manufactured using the proven techniques and practice of hundreds of years of British tent-making.

Many yurts that are manufactured abroad tend to suit dry, cold climates – not something we can really boast of in good old Blighty! So, here at The Really Interesting Tent Company we’ve engineered the traditional design to suit the UK climate.

Built to last

We hand-build each yurt in Yorkshire using FSC-certified wood to create a sturdy frame, and heavyweight waterproof canvas fabric sourced from another British company which is proofed for water, rot and flame retardancy.

Quality is the name of the game and painstaking care is taken with every single aspect of the process, so we can be sure of our claim that our yurts are indeed built to last, whatever the weather.

Unlimited uses

These days the uses of yurts are limited only by your imagination! From practical spaces such as bedrooms, offices and workshops, to exhibitions, weddings and classrooms, they can be used for a multitude of purposes as both a mobile or static outdoor room.

It is also possible to construct them with allowance for a woodburning stove to create an extra bit of warmth through the winter months if desired

\"We keep the sales proposition nice and simple; we offer one inclusive price for the whole package.\"

All-inclusive package

Rob said: “We keep the sales proposition nice and simple, so instead of a customer paying for a yurt then calculating an additional cost for delivery, and facing another extra cost for installation, we offer one inclusive price for the whole package.

“People are investing a lot of money in this product, it’s important to us that we foster a one-to-one personal relationship with them that extends across its lifetime. This includes an ongoing support service, such as dismantling the yurt and storing it on the client’s behalf over winter if required, carrying out maintenance and oiling of the frame then redelivering and erecting it the following spring.

“We specialise in tailoring our service to each client’s needs, we want them to be happy with their yurt for years to come, not just when it’s first installed.”

Catering for all customers

The Really Interesting Tent Company’s customers vary in both their geographical location and the nature of their needs. Rob and his team work with clients across the length and breadth of the UK, including schools (particularly through the Forest Schools outdoor learning scheme); the RSPB; the Forestry Commission; glamping sites and event companies, as well as individuals.

“Whether you want to buy one small yurt for your children to play in in your garden or a large one to use as accommodation, just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to talk about how we can help you,” Rob added.

To contact us, ring 01262 470475 or fill in our contact form and we\'ll call you back.
About Yurts

Basically a wooden-framed, circular tent – have been used by nomadic tribes over centuries throughout the near and far east as robust dwellings that could be taken down and put up again whenever they moved on.

Originally, they were constructed from a latticework of wood covered with animal skins, and today the design and structure remains remarkably similar although more modern materials have replaced the skins.

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