Treatment Options After ‘Relapse’

Posted by Trust care on March 15th, 2022

The moment of ‘Relapse’, in an addict\'s life, plays a very important role as it puts the addict into a situation where his/her own focus and control can only be the ultimate hope to come out of the path of substance abuse addiction. As an individual recently attends the treatment process and then experiences the moment of relapse, it clearly does not object that the treatment was a mere failure. It is very obvious that the other chronic illnesses and the relapse session during the addiction tenure can also indicate towards entering the treatment program which can indeed help in the process of putting a stop towards consuming the harmful substances, whereas putting your risk in future.

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai states that a less-intensive treatment session can always be an option if the moment of relapse could be the first time, whereas the individual’s mental and physical state is currently positive and not at a sheer risk, then the sober system is in place and the treatment team, whether the individual opts for an outpatient or for an inpatient treatment type should be appropriate for them.

Thus, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai clearly comments that in order with the treatment option the addict agrees with, the process of detoxification should immediately be done in order to remove the strings of any opioids, alcohol, or any other prescription sedative if included. Also, the individual can opt for the behavioural therapies where one type of treatment can also prevent future relapses too as they indeed teach an individual to modify the incorrect beliefs about the use of drugs and thus provide the addict with specific skills to manage the cravings and triggers and stress from the past. However, the most commonly used form of therapy under this genre is cognitive behavioural therapy which mainly focuses on the understanding leading towards one’s feelings and thoughts which prompts one to change their negative beliefs into positive ones.

It therefore always recommended that sooner one intervenes towards the process of relapse, it thus gets easier to get back on the normal track, where it;s never too late to get out from the relapse session, where one should not get disheartened or discouraged. Many people therefore do not enter into getting professional help during their relapse tenure, as several people tend to get the benefit from the added support from an addiction treatment program in the very second and at times in the third time as well. There are several other philosophies also included in the recovery and relapse process, where the opposing tenets are usually considered to leave an individual confused which is actually true. For many individuals, relapse thus provides a negative light and drive the force of weakness into the mind and body, where this view also brings the feelings of being in guilt or being in utter shame which can also cause a hindrance to have the audacity to recover from the setbacks caused. However, in other cases, the recovery process results in a personal growth which also involves having a couple setbacks which can bring shame but can also bring the strength to prove themselves to be strong enough to get out of the mess.

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