Know That Will Birth Control Pills Make Me Gain Weight

Posted by Nurvi Naari on March 16th, 2022

You must consult a gynecologist to know about contraception, menstruation, infertility, contraception, and best gynecologist doctors in Thane the meantime, let’s see what effects your birth control pills have on your weight.

Birth control pills have become the most reliable way of avoiding pregnancy. Knowing that you will not conceive gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to search for last-minute protection as long as you are on these pills. However, contraception comes with its share of side effects.

If your cheeks look chubby and you feel like you’ve gained weight suddenly, it’s natural to wonder if your birth control pills are the reason. Some studies suggest that hormonal birth control has nothing to do with your weight. However, some women reported an unusual weight gain after they started taking contraception.

Connection Between Contraception and Weight Gain

Research hasn’t shown any valid connection between your weight and birth control pills. So, how come women think they are gaining weight from contraceptive pills?

Water Retention

You might put on a few kilos a few weeks after starting contraception. However, this is not fat gain. It happens because of fluid retention, which is a temporary condition. This increment in weight will disappear within 2-3 months. The maximum you will gain from water retention is between 4 and 8 pounds. Anything beyond that is caused by other factors.

Increased Appetite

Do you eat more than usual? If you are not keeping your calories in check, you might gain a few pounds. While there can be many reasons for your increased appetite, some birth control pills work as appetite stimulators. So, contraception can be blamed for your weight gain. The good news is you can still make a smart diet choice. For example, instead of a cheesy burger, take a cup of soup. Replace the rice bowl with vegetable salad or fruits.

Changes in Your Routine

Sometimes, women gain weight not because they are on the birth pill, but they have experienced a significant change in their routine. Perhaps, you have recently quit your job and are living a sedentary lifestyle. You have quit physical exercises. Or, you have started practicing heavy weightlifting and muscle-building exercises. If that’s the case, you must be building the muscle mass.

High Insulin Levels

Contraceptive pills can interfere with your insulin production. If that happens, your body’s ability to process a starch-rich diet and sugary food diminishes. That’s another cause of fat gain in women on birth control.

How Can You Manage the Weight Gain?

Weight gain is mainly seen in women who take contraception containing a high concentration of hormone estrogen and progestin. Not only do they stimulate your appetite, but these pills can increase water retention, which results in weight gain. Gynecologists offering infertility or menstrual problems treatment in Thane will help you with contraception as well. They will figure out if your weight gain is because of the oral pills or other reasons. They will ask you to change your contraceptive pills to see if your weight goes back to normal.


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