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Posted by ManuelLProulx on March 16th, 2022

March, 2022 ––In domestic terms, Detroit is the older family member with trophies and award plaques on the shelf when it comes to Michigan’s rap scene. The city has made Michigan homebrewed hip-hop thrive since then, compelling the traditional rap cores to either pay attention or be left behind.

Born on November 11, 1990, Maurice Hamilton was brought to the earth during the era when the Hip-hop scene was the biggest. As this type of music genre was his biggest influence in life, it inspired him to create Detroit Rap News from the ground up and turn it into one of largest rap music news blogs and websites in Detroit. Founded on October 16, 2016, this is one of his long term projects designed for the streets and help promote great talents that are in Detroit through content promotion on its website and other social media platforms. This helps a lot of struggling artists get noticed by bigwigs of the industry and help jumpstart their careers.

“Detroit Rap News help bring more lights out to Detroit Artists and let the world know how special they are,” Hamilton said.

“I helped more than 100 Artist in the city and bring more attention to their music. I stand in a good space learning as I go,” he added.

Detroit’s artists often feel completely left out the from bigger picture, as if they can only exist and become popular on the underground music scene. No matter what, though, Detroit Rap News has provided a very effective and prevalent platform for Detroit rap artists and for them to be seen not as Underground performers and musicians but as mainstream artists as well as their city becomes the center of the hip-hop world.

“The idea to create Detroit Rap News came from my love of Detroit music. We needed our platform as World star hip-hop, so I created one,” Maurice said.

We live in an era when almost everyone has their own opinion about music and the genre of music available via the over album dance of online platforms that already exist. At Detroit Rap News, they prefer to exhibit the information and let its readers to decide if it is according to their tastes and quality of music. As a music inspired news platform, Detroit Rap News not only provide opportunity for artists to be seen but also a reliable source of information for its fans.

If an artist has already an obvious fan base and is out in the marketplace to let the world know of his or her music and do the necessary things it takes to become successful by making the kind of music to be loved by the public, there is no reason why they must not deserve some publicity on Detroit Rap News. When you see it in the perspective of both fans and artists, Detroit Rap News serves as the “go-to-place” to find out what is happening in the world of Hip-Hop and Rap right here in Detroit, Michigan.





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