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Posted by Avijit on August 18th, 2010

Joomla is an open source CMS (Content Management System) Application. Joomla usually used for creating themed websites. There are numbers of CMS system available on Internet, but usually they are costly, there are another type of CMS is open source. The main reason of
using Joomla is ? it is extremely easy-to-use and easy to implement in your server. Joomla
is PHP/MySQL based CMS system, which means ? if you want to run it in your server, you need a hosting with LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP) feature. Because of its nature, it is
completely free from licensing fees but there are some extensions or plug-ins available for

Current Joomla Version is ? 1.6.  Unlike other open source CMS; Joomla has a excellent and
large extension directory. Extensions are the extra modules, which usually do not, come
with main CMS package; you have to download them and install them separately. Extensions
enable you to completely customize your CMS according to your need. Joomla developers
classifies the extensions into different categories for easy navigation, such as ?
administration, contacts and feedback, ads and affiliates, financials, social networking,
e-commerce and many more.

Joomla templates, extensions, components and templates available in both versions free and commercial. There are lots of sites that offering free Joomla template.
Other than English, Joomla also available in other languages; to use those language
features, you must download those language packs and install separately. The installation
process of any Joomla module is not a difficult task. To install any module or any
component, log on to site administration panel and you can file Extension manager and
installation wizard from top menu.

There are some anecdotes in the market that, Joomla made site are not SEO friendly, but
this is not true. Lots of web masters using this CMS and they make it perfectly for major
search engines. Now the question is how do I make my Joomla site SEO friendly? Well the
answer is ? you can use different SEO related extensions and. htaccess file in your server
for creating the dynamic link to static links.

Still if you are not sure to use Joomla, as your CMS software, for the sake of help and
documentation, don?t worry, you can find a very well written documentation form their
official site. Not only that, you can find numbers of other customization guide on major
search engines by typing your required keyword. For example ? you want to create menus in
Joomla, go to Google and type ?How to create menu in Joomla? without quotes, you can find
thousands of guides in text or video format.

As a matter of fact, extensions are the most important things in Joomla. Joomla extensions
includes ? community builder or social networking features, e-commerce, shopping cart,
multimedia galleries, image galleries, flash galleries, data collection and reporting,
blog, and advertisement module and many more?.

Once you understand and the operations and the basic concept of this CMS, you just love it,
and start your web development process through this CMS.

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