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Posted by sachin singh on May 14th, 2016

Bulk SMS stands for bulk messaging. Bulk SMS is used by companies, enterprises, banks, schools, and small businesses. Bulk SMS is used for sending sms(short message service) to mobile no. Bulk SMS is used as promotional sms for sms marketing. It is also used for various alert sms messages like transactionalert sms from bank, train and bus reservation, and order confirmation from website.  You can send sms in bulk such as you can send 1 lac sms in just single click. Bulk SMS is the best way to send sms from the web. Web sms help you to send text sms message to mobile. Bulk SMS is the best way to send sms to mobile. It is also called as web to sms.

All of us are familiar with the benefits of Bulk SMS marketing. Moreover every activity needs proper approach to reach to the individuals in an organized way. It is important to make a good practice of adopting things in an appropriate way while branding anything. Usually Bulk SMS services are used for promotional activities. Such activities directly create brand image. So the format and content of SMS should be very appropriate and professional and at the same time it should be simple and understandable too. The main motive to send Bulk SMS to people is to educate them about what you are offering to them and why connecting to your brand will be a best take for them.

Long code information in global services

long code is a number that is the same length as a regular telephone number. While a long code seems to be a more familiar to people reciving or sending a text message a short can be eraser to remember. Long code have come in to play recently the capability for a long code are a bit different. Long code are best for one interactions between a business and client. For instance. Appointment reminders and one off notification particularly because the client can respond easily or even call the number can be forwarded to any landline or cellphone number

Short code information in global services

Short Code is a five or Six digit phone no that is used for business text Communication At one time,Short code was the only option for SMS marketing Short Code are great for sending mass message quickly up to 300 per Second This work best for a business or individual who needs to reach a lot of people at once. Marketing and promotion are the major reasons to go with Short Code. Send instant notification coupons or sales messages updates or surveys Perfect for lead-capture. encouraging people to text in to a short code is effective as they are easy to remember-a great way to build revenue and capture information.

Try to start your text with an attention grabber that will arouse curiosity and compel the customers to read on. This is usually a single or couple of words, often in capitals. The word news’ is particularly effective. Just follow the little things and enjoy the benefits of Bulk SMS services.

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