Gambling capitals of the world. Five Cities that Live off Gambling

Posted by Vitto Foster on March 18th, 2022

It is here that the main gambling corporations of the planet are located, which collect players from different countries. Some casinos here even have their own airliners to transport their customers.

Even against the background of falling activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, Las Vegas earns more than a billion dollars a month on gambling, and deducts about the same amount of taxes to the state budget per year.

This city is an excellent example of how one of the largest tourist centers in the world can be organized in the middle of the desert and earn money from it for almost 100 years.


Despite the fact that in popular Western culture, the image of Las Vegas in gambling is much more widespread, gambling capitals of the world Macau is not inferior in any way, and in some ways even surpasses the famous gambling resort of the USA.

Largely due to the fact that the main companies of the same Las Vegas have been operating here for a long time, including Sands, Wynn, MGM and others.

But now Macau is going through relatively difficult times: due to the possible tightening of gambling by the authorities of mainland China, the shares of local casinos have recently gone down.

The COVID-19 pandemic also worsened the situation, which made it difficult for tourists from other countries to get to Macau. What will happen to Macau by the middle of the XXI century remains a mystery.

Monte Carlo

Unlike previous cities, the European gambling capital is also a major cultural center, and it may be more difficult for people with a limited budget to get here.

In fact, Monte Carlo is a region inside the Principality of Monaco, which, in turn, has the status of a dwarf state inside France.

As NV Azart has already written, the first casino appeared here in 1865 thanks to the Prince of Monaco of the Grimaldi dynasty, Charles III and his mother. Today, the Monte Carlo Casino is home to the Opera House and the National Museum of Fine Arts.

This casino remains one of the oldest and most popular in the world. In the morning, the casino functions as a tourist attraction, and after 14:00 - as a gambling establishment.

Where is gambling most loved in Europe?

In 2010, during a social survey, the most gambling country in Europe was revealed. The survey was conducted among adult citizens living in EU countries. The top three most gambling countries included Italy, Poland and gambling Spain. And if everything is clear with the first two candidates: the Spaniards and Italians have always differed in their temperament, then there were difficulties in understanding the Poles. Apparently, a rather poor lifestyle pushes people to take risks for the sake of additional earnings.

It should be noted that the survey included not only casino games. It\'s no secret that the lottery is also a gambling game. It was noteworthy that the majority of opponents did not even associate lotteries with gambling; moreover, 90% of respondents played them regularly. And if gambling in Europe seemed immoral for 20% of respondents, then almost everyone bought lottery tickets.

After the top three were the best casinos in France and the UK. 70% of respondents have ever played in clubs or bought lottery tickets. There was nothing surprising here: after all, which European countries have the best casinos? And the standard of living of the citizens of these countries is high enough to spend part of the earned money on gambling entertainment.

Closed the top six favorite casinos in Germany. The Germans have always been famous for their pragmatism, and if they were in the first positions, it would be a real shock for most. So everything is in its place here.

Statistics don\'t lie

And yet, the above statistics very accurately describe the gambling industry in Europe. Last year, the New York Times magazine published an article in which it was said that the best country with a casino in Europe is gambling Italy. At the moment, Italy is the largest gaming market in the entire European territory. On average, one gambling Italian resident spends about $ 517 per month on gambling entertainment.

From all of the above, it can be concluded that citizens of southern countries are more susceptible to gambling. Apparently, the hot sun and the sea have an extremely positive effect on people\'s attitude to slot machines and poker tables. Perhaps the famous Las Vegas was not built in the middle of a hot desert for nothing?!

The most gambling country in Europe, according to a sociological survey

The inhabitants of Europe have long been distinguished by an unhealthy craving for gambling. The first casinos on the European territory appeared long before the bright slot machines and comfortable poker tables. In the XVIII century, people played in ordinary bars or guest houses, being content with minimal amenities and the lack of all kinds of service. To date, gambling in Europe is officially allowed, but is heavily controlled by government agencies. To be more precise, gambling houses are legalized in twenty European countries, and in four of them money sports betting is allowed. Casinos on cruise liners have become popular in recent years.

Modern casino leadership in European countries

In the XXI century, the most popular gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, is gradually losing its position among Europeans. The United States of America has recently tightened the screws for tourists quite a bit, and many people no longer want to undergo a total inspection and interrogation for the sake of several poker games. According to statistics, more and more tourists in 2016 prefer to play at casinos in European countries or in Chinese Macau. Affordable transport and no problems at the border do their job. This situation plays into the hands of European casinos and gives them a good moral and monetary impetus to development and improvement.

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