How Tungsten Polymer Is Replacing Lead In Different Industries?

Posted by Michael Luis on March 19th, 2022

For a long time, lead has been used in different industrial sectors. Lead is a heavy metal and it has many industrial applications such as vibration damping or radiation shielding. However, there are some major setbacks are associated with lead. For this reason, scientists were looking for new materials that are better than lead.

These days, many industries are using tungsten polymer to replace lead. It is a new generation material that has many benefits. For this reason, this material has quickly become popular in different industries. Let’s check out some benefits that you can get from tungsten polymer and how it is revolutionizing the industrial world.

•    Strength

You would be happy to know that tungsten polymer is a very high strength material and it can easily withstand tough conditions. It was primarily developed by military scientists to replace lead in bullet tips. Lead bullet tips are very harmful to the environment and cause pollution to the groundwater in the firing range.

On the other hand, tungsten polymer is more durable than conventional bullet tips and doesn’t cause any pollution to the groundwater level. After doing lots of firing tests military has been satisfied with its strength and accepted it for ammunition.  

•    Lightweight

Due to its heavyweight, lead can easily block ionizing radiation. However, its weight becomes a problem when radiation shields are made from this material. Most medical professionals are required to wear these radiation shields when they administer radiation therapy to patients for cancer treatment.  

These medical professionals used to become tired when they have to wear heavyweight lead radiation shields all day long. Fortunately, radiation shields made from tungsten polymer are lightweight. As a result, medical professionals can wear these radiation shields made from tungsten polymer all day long without getting tired.

•    Vibration absorption

For centuries lead has been used in most industries for vibration absorption. Unfortunately, its extra weight makes the machine heavy. For most stationary machines it might be acceptable but it is not acceptable for high-performance vehicles. For this reason, most OEMs were looking for a material that can replace lead vibration absorption components.

You would be happy to know that tungsten polymer is a good vibration damping material. For this reason, many vehicle manufacturers are choosing this material for high-performance cars. This material can increase the performance of cars when it is used as a replacement for lead parts.

Tungsten polymer has shown the world, how new materials can take engineering to another level. It has all the good properties that most industries are demanding in this era. It is strong, lightweight, durable, and can easily lead. Many industries have already understood its potential and using it in different ways.

You would be surprised to know that a golf club manufacturer is already using tungsten polymer to make premium golf clubs. These golf clubs allow the player to hit a golf ball to a long distance easily. You can use tungsten polymer in many different ways for industrial purposes. It will help you achieve high performance that you can never get from lead.

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