6 Reasons Why Ellipticals For Fitness Centers Are A Must

Posted by Ryan Harris on March 19th, 2022

Ellipticals are one of the most popular machines at gyms and health clubs. A fairly easy-to-use piece of gym equipment, the elliptical does not put unnecessary stress on your body. This is one of the major factors contributing to its immense appeal among gym-goers. If you are one of those facility owners who have not installed these machines, then here are a few reasons that will compel you to do so.

1. Helpful In Shedding Extra Weight

The largely sedentary lifestyle of the majority of the urban populace is the chief contributor to rising cases of obesity. A major objective why most people take up gym memberships is to get rid of the extra flab. This must also be the goal of many of your customers. Ellipticals can help burn more calories than some other cardio equipment like stationary bikes. Training at the right intensity and for the ideal duration on an elliptical can help in losing the extra fat quickly.

2. Effective In Improving Cardio Health

Another major benefit of this fitness equipment is that it can help boost a person’s cardio capacity. Cardiovascular exercises focus on aerobic metabolism causing the heart and lungs to pump more blood and oxygen to the body. Ellipticals will enable your customers to enjoy efficient aerobic training for strengthening their hearts, lungs, and body muscles. Regular aerobic workouts can improve their stamina and enhance endurance

3. Put Less Impact On Joints

These machines are ideal for low-impact workouts as they do not put too much stress on joints. This is another significant factor highlighting the importance of ellipticals for fitness centers. This means that these machines are safe for people with weak knees, ankles, hips, or other joints. A lot of seniors suffer from joint problems. Having these machines at your facility will help attract such users to your center and broaden your customer base.

4. Allow People To Get Efficient Full-body Workouts

What makes this effective piece of gym equipment more valuable is that it lets people train their upper and lower bodies. It is one of the few pieces of cardio equipment offering such convenience to users. You can guide your customers to correctly use the machine for engaging their biceps and triceps along with the chest and back. Regular workouts will also strengthen lower body muscles like the hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. 

5. Help People In Post-injury Rehabilitation

You can use the machine to help customers in improving their fitness levels while recovering from an injury. As the equipment does not put great stress on joints, it is perfect for post-injury rehabilitation. Compared to other activities like jogging or running, elliptical training is a safer option for people recuperating from injuries. It can enable people to regain their motions while strengthening the muscles of the affected areas.  

6. Ellipticals Are Versatile Machines

Modern ellipticals offer a range of pre-configured exercise programs. This is a useful feature for fitness facility owners as, usually, their clientele spans multiple user groups. Choose a machine that offers a variety of workouts like interval training, fat burning, sprints, goal training, and more. This will make the machine appealing to all of your clients.

Wrapping Up

Having an elliptical at your facility will be a sound business decision. It will fit into the fitness programs of most of your customers and improve your business customer satisfaction rate. Contact a reliable fitness equipment vendor today to buy one for your center.

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