How to create a Wedding Day Timeline? – A Detailed Guide

Posted by Brothers Events & Entertainment on March 21st, 2022

Planning a wedding day is the most monotonous task ever. That is why several people hire Wedding Organizer in Ahmedabad. A wedding organizer/plan may add a little extra capital to the budget, but it ensures a seamless routine and schedule of your wedding. Besides, no matter how much you spend on Decoration for Wedding in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, your marriage will always be successful if anything falls into place in time.

People going out of the dining hall without dining in, all because the cuisines were not ready, will create an everlasting impression. Thus, one of the most important things that you need to consider is proper wedding day time made by you or any professional Event Organizer Services in Ahmedabad.If you are nervous about your wedding day timeline, here are some tips that will help you best to create a wedding timeline. Professional marriage and Birthday Party Planner in Ahmedabad also follow the same tips. So, read the full blog.

What is a wedding day timeline?    

Many of you may be listening to the term “wedding day timeline.” It is a term that sets out the time for the commencement of every possible activity relevant to the wedding. Whether it is about VIP entry, bride entry, or any other dance event, all these things are included in your wedding day timeline. Several Decoration Company Near Meuse the same events in their wedding timeline.

How do you create your wedding day timeline?

If you wish to create a wedding day time, you first need to include an answer to all the questions. It includes:

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • How

Include all arrival and departure time 

The subsequent most imperative thing that you need to do is record all the arrival and departure times. It is key data to create a wedding timeline in the first place. Include the arrival and departure timing for everyone involved, including the makeup artist. The timing of the makeup professionals also plays an impeccable role in the wedding timeline.

Collect details about all events

After recording arrival and departure timing, you need to collect the data about all the events. It includes groom entry, bride entry, wedding ceremony, ring exchange and many more. After collecting detail, collect the data about the time it would take. Then you can make a wedding timeline based on the data collected. Brothers Events and Entertainment also follows the same approach to creating your wedding timeline.


In conclusion, these are some helpful tips that will guide you to create a wedding timeline. Now that you know the basic requirements, you must make the timeline. However, it would be better to hand over this job to professionals for a seamless marriage.

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