Why Should You Study Fundamental Of Electrical Engineering?

Posted by Wasim Asghar on March 21st, 2022

In this Article, we will discuss the fundamental of electrical engineering. We will go through some topics including the basics of electric circuits, ohms law, resistors in series and parallel circuits and capacitors. These fundamental topics are important to understand for someone who is interested in learning electrical engineering and can be applied to many future courses.

Why should you study fundamental of electrical engineering?

No matter what you want to do with your life, understanding fundamental of electrical engineering is useful as a stepping stone towards more knowledge in this field. Understanding the basics of Electrical Engineering will provide you with a foundation upon which you can build more complex topics in the future. Knowing these fundamentals will also allow you to assess whether Electrical Engineering is a field that interest you before learning other material that requires knowledge of basic electrical concepts.

So why should anyone study these things if they are not actually useful for the future? Indeed, the study of any subject does not provide immediate benefit, but it is important to master fundamentals in order to build on that knowledge later on.

Benefits of studying fundamental of electrical engineering:

Although the study of Electrical fundamentals does not immediately provide any benefit, these are the core concepts to master in order to understand more complex topics in the future. The ability to grasp these concepts will allow you to learn more advanced topics. It is like learning the alphabet before learning how to read words and understand sentences.

As such, being able to learn electrical fundamentals are important for anyone who wants to work in a very technical environment. Further, knowing these concepts will allow you to assess whether Electrical Engineering is an area that interests you by developing an understanding for different components used in electrical engineering.


While the study of electrical fundamentals will be useful in the future, the study of these concepts can be considered as a means to an end. Knowing these topics will help you understand some basic concepts of electromagnetic and electrical circuits. The understanding can also be applied when learning more complex concepts in Electrical Engineering such as Ohms Law, series and parallel circuits and capacitors. In order to develop this foundation, it is important to understand the concept of current first as this covers all other topics. We encourage you to practice applying what you have learned about resistors and current division before looking at other more complicated topics in Electrical Engineering such as voltage divider analysis and semiconductors. Studyforfe.com offers various courses and online resources for the study of electrical fundamentals. Using these resources, you can learn about resistors, Ohms Law, and current divider analysis. Remain updated with our blog and you will be able to start understanding the electrical fundamentals.

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