Role of Preserving a Healthy Relationship in Battling Postpartum Depression

Posted by Garcia Jones on March 21st, 2022

As a new or expecting parent, you probably know there is an overflow of emotions following the birth of a child, including excitement, awe, and happiness. But many new moms experience an entirely different set of emotions accompanying the transition to motherhood. These feelings which may include the feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty are also called baby blues.

Baby blues can start as soon as a few days after delivery and linger for a few weeks. These emotions appear due to hormonal fluctuations. Usually, the symptoms subside within a few weeks after the birth of the baby. As a new mother, one should always discuss these feelings with their partner. Yes, it will help. It is easier to manage the transition when you feel supported. That’s why a healthy relationship where each other’s feelings are valued is essential for battling the signs of postpartum depression.

 In the midst of one of the most joyful times of their lives, new parents can find comfort in the fact that they are not alone when it comes to experiencing postpartum depression. But sometimes, these symptoms may progress to more serious postpartum mood problems. If such symptoms become more severe and last longer than 6 weeks, it becomes crucial for the new mother to reach out to a professional postpartum therapist NYC.


Postpartum Depression Signs


The reality is that many new moms are unaware of the symptoms of postpartum depression, and, once they know it, they are too embarrassed to share it with others. So it is important that every new mom or would-be mom is aware of such signs -

  •         Feelings of loneliness
  •         Being furious, grouchy or irritable
  •         Sleeping a lot or very less
  •         Feeling empty, sluggish, numb, or having no feelings at all
  •         Not able to find enjoyment in anything

Postpartum signs if left untreated or overlooked can also affect other aspects of parenting. Parents with high conflict or who are depressed struggle to understand their baby\'s cues, which can cause adverse changes in the infant’s behavior. Such children become emotionally aloof and fearful of the outside world. And these impacts can be reversed when parents are happy, caring and attentive. Therefore, friendship is the ultimate key to postpartum depression. One may consider seeking help from a couples therapist NYC if they are facing troubles in their relationship. Healthy relationships have proven to reduce the symptoms of postpartum depression. A supportive and engaging coparent can reduce the impact of feelings of self-doubt on women.

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