Benefits of Accessing the Turrent Punch Press Tooling

Posted by Olivia Morgon on March 22nd, 2022

The demand for improved quality, better delivery, and tighter tolerance of the fabrication shops is continuously increasing. Tooling plays a vital role in fulfilling these market-driven demands. 

The turrent punch press tooling is one of the highly required toolings in the sheet metal shops. 

Since its inception, the turret punch press has evolved and become a vital tool for fabrication shops. With the technological development, the turret punch press will help with sheet metal fabricating work. 

The development in tooling helps the fabrication shops to obtain more productivity from the existing resources. Scroll down the page to know the benefits of using Turret punch press tooling in Bangalore!

Turret punching – what does it mean?

The turrent punch is a significant type of press punches that manufacturer the metal parts by punching the shapes out of the large blanks. With the help of two turrets, the machine operates and functions as the die and punch. 

They also move in perfect synchronization with each other to punch the ideal shapes from the metal. It addresses the two restraints of the punch presses such as the machine cost and the creation of the custom press tools. 

Pros of using the turrent punching 

  • The turrent punch tooling accesses multiple standard tools to make the parts. So, it is more cost and time-efficient than the typical press punch. It allows for prototyping and manufacturing without the requirement to make the specialized punch. At the lowest cost, you can configure several tools with higher speed production and flexibility.
  • The die and punch machine can arrange anywhere on the material. It allows for comprehensive flexibility in the size and shape of the piece produced. You can make multiple punches for complex shapes. You will also enjoy the faster stroke speed and thus get different shapes in a short time. 

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