Pre-Loved Children’s Things- what sells the most

Posted by sanjeev rai on March 22nd, 2022

Parents love to buy their children things. Add to this a barrage of loving relatives, family friends and well-wishers who buy gift upon gift for your children until you have no room at home to keep them.

It’s safe to say that children’s items are a hot seller. Clothes and toys are by far the most popular selling items that do great numbers on the secondhand market. This is because most of the items listed on the preloved marketplaces are in very good condition.

This is because most of them are barely ever used. This could be because parents received an excess of gifts that their children had no use for or, their children simply grew out of their clothes too quickly.

Kids are known to be picky with toys so most of the used children’s toy listings that are in great condition could possibly have been pieces that were not favoured by a child enough to be played with. 


In this article, we will discuss some of the more popular selling kid\'s clothes and toys and we will also tell you how you can get great deals on items on the preloved market while doing something positive for the environment. 


Starting with clothing, one of the fastest moving items (other than diapers of course), is baby jumpers or onesies. Since infants grow rapidly, these are often barely used and are put up for sale quite frequently on the preloved market. As a new item, onesies are very popular.


Most parents receive a slew of onesies in different colours, quirky designs and some with our favourite TV show quotes on them as gifts for their baby. Onesies are a very popular item and sell quickly. 


Themed children’s outfits are another hot seller. Parents love to dress their kids up. So it isn’t a surprise that themed outfits move quickly. They sell even faster if listed as a complete set. Kids with parents who are sports fans tend to get new merchandise every season so it\'s safe to say that themed outfits are very popular children’s items.


On the preloved market, these items are also found in relatively good condition as themed outfits are usually worn only a couple of times before they are outgrown. So buying or selling your used children’s outfits can be a good way to declutter and make or save some money. 


Stuffed toys, action figures and dolls are extremely popular toys that sell quickly. Every time there is a new cartoon franchise or an update to an older franchise, companies release tons of new merchandise for kids. Let\'s face it, action figures are so popular adults still buy and collect them. Some of these toys can be found on online secondhand stores where you can buy at great deals and save money. 


Puzzle games, blocks and similar interactive games are big selling items as well since they are activities that children can enjoy with their parents. Most parents seek out educational board games that will keep their children engaged. Apart from providing hours of joy, these games can help with the cognitive development of children and are very popular items sought after by parents.


You can browse preloved toys at The Share Bear to see if there are any good board games or puzzle games in the used toys listings. 

Buying clothes and toys for children can be costly and time-consuming. After your children are done using these items, you will also have to deal with unused toys and clothes cluttering your home. In situations like these, turn to The Share Bear.
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