The reincarnation of the black dahlia confesses Robert Manley is her murderer

Posted by John Larson on March 23rd, 2022

Jasmine Moore, a well-known spiritualist, and entrepreneur are ready to share the truth about her passing and who really killed her. Many believe, that you only live once when that’s not necessarily right with what she has to say. Jasmine has not only discovered the past life about herself but for many other celebs and truths of people all over the world, leaving them shocked for the rest of their lives.

Jasmine uses her god-given gifts to help others understand their lives better from a higher perspective. Being inquisitive gets you far in life actually she says. “Your past life has everything to do with your current life”. Why do you have instances in your life where you meet someone you can feel so drawn to them immediately or dislike them. More than likely your soul remembers them because it’s a subconscious memory.

After getting a past life reading, you can also realize what people in your life now played what role in that last life of yours. The dream Jasmine has shared back in 2020 led her on to discover that she was kidnapped and experienced how it felt to be unheard and forgotten about.

She also goes on to admit that Robert “red” Manley was a manipulative man. Also, his wife Harriette Manley, helped him along covering this secret for many years. Robert also reincarnated with me in this lifetime she says. He’s current her now ex-boyfriend and is still the same way currently.

Jasmine\'s message to the world is that “souls never die, spirituality has nothing to do with race or a skin color no matter how controversial it may seem it needs to be said for once”.

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