The Right Method To Start Germinating Quality Marijuana Seeds

Posted by digitalzone on March 23rd, 2022

To have a successful germination process, you need to start by acquiring quality marijuana seeds. In most cases, it is easy to identify clone saplings, but seeds are not the same. Always ensure that you purchase seeds from a reputable seller.

  •  Check with the color of the seed coat before buying
  •  Always ensure the seeds are dry and healthy
  •  Always ask if the seeds are feminized or auto-flowering

Once you have quality seeds, you must focus on the germination process. You can search for a Dispensary With Clones and seeds online as well to find The Clone Conservatory.

Use feminized seeds

It is more effective to select feminized seeds. Buyers who sell quality seeds will always share details related to this option. If the seeds are feminized, they will always produce female clones, whereas auto-flowering seeds cannot guarantee the gender of the clone. The advantage of auto-flowering seeds is the ability to cross breed strains to create your own unique strain.

You should always check the grade and type of seeds you buy. You can search for Marijuana Seeds Near Me options online.

Select right spot

The germination process should be performed indoors. This is important so the seeds may not get dried out quickly. The process of germination will only take place if the seeds are moist.

It is important to select a safe spot indoors that does not receive direct sunlight and heat. The room should maintain the right level of humidity for seeds to germinate. A cool dry place like inside of a kitchen cabinet or a drawer.

You can also purchase some plastic containers from Clones Bay Area California dealers such as The Clone Conservatory to aid you in the process.

Germinate in paper towels

Paper towels will absorb moisture. The seeds will not dry out if they are kept on top of the paper towel. You can place the paper towel in the plastic container or sandwich bag. It is easy to germinate seeds in the container. Always keep the container in a dark and warm place that receives a lot of moisture.

In the initial germinate stage the seeds absorb excess moisture from the atmosphere. So you should check the indoor temperature and other conditions. You can also check with Clones For Sale Sacramento dealers (such as The Clone Conservatory) for more details. 


The container may keep evaporating continuously so it is important to keep the paper towel wet. You can open the container and water using a spray bottle is the best option. Fix a time when you can open the container and water.

The seeds have to be soaked in a wet paper towel till they germinate. It is important to keep checking with the seeds on regular basis. Once they germinate, you can shift them in different pots outdoors. You can also plant the saplings indoors. 

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