What is Food-Addict Anonymous?

Posted by Trust care on March 23rd, 2022

We have often heard about Marijuan Anonymous or Heroine Anonymous from the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India and also from the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai. However, very often we have come across to the 12-step program which also undertakes the issues of food addiction, where people have witnessed the cases of Bulimia and Anorexic patients on the move of becoming either obese or very self-consious in nature. Therefore, the Food Addicts Anonymous is a closed community of individuals who mainly come together and encourage each other to recover from the process of food addiction, where individuals support each other by telling and sharing their experiences, with the hope that their story and experience enlighten a change within the others. This community was mainly founded in 1987 which included the 12-steps of therapy focusing on the key notes of the spiritual, emotional and physical senses of the individual, where the patients were also allowed to follow a strict diet where control and understanding remained the initial focus. As this initiative was started in the state of America, today people around the globe are allowed to get an access where they are legally enrolled and are allowed to start their tenure as well. According to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai, around 12% of Indians have also enrolled themselves in various sessions in 2021-2022, which is a healthy amount. Thus, people are allowed to join via:

  • Face-to-Face Meetings: As the initiative was started in America, the anonymous groups work around the globe where they have their sessions allowing people to directly come and meet them with their available location, which is also mentioned on their website.
  • Virtual Meetings: As there are many places where the availability of face-to-face is not present, people are allowed to attend the sessions online where the individual can directly download their application on their smartphones or computers and can attend their sessions from them. The impact is equal to that of a face-to-face session, where the main aim of the meetings are to come forward, tell your story and seek something meaningful out of the box. The sheer topics which are covered in a virtual meeting is similar to that of the Face-to-Face meetings, with session recordings available on the website as well.
  • Phone Meetings: Phone meetings are a bit difficult to conduct as one can only hear the voice of the independent group, where the visual is at a serious lack, however, in the past years, many individuals who face the issues of lack of confidence mainly have also outshined themselves with their listening power and have inculcated many facts out of the session, where real change have been observed. It is therefore not an ideal selection, but for individuals who believe in the motion of being slow, can thus take this option and move forward.

Address: Block No.89, Yeoor Gaon, Patana Pada, Near Garwa Hotel, Yeoor Hill, Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400606.

Contact Number: 9167006990

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