Qatar World Cup: Nobby Solano on Peru World Cup qualifying

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Qatar World Cup: Nobby Solano on Peru World Cup qualifying

Nobby Solano talks about Peru\'s final drive in Qatar FIFA World Cup qualifiers. In this game of football, we all have our footballing stars. Players who make an enormous impression on our lives. The connection often begins in childhood and thanks to the powerful effects of nostalgia, it never really leaves us. The motives for admiring one player fluctuate. From observing a jaw-dropping goal to being the lucky receiver of a shirt at the end of a game.

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These memories last endlessly but most prominently, they affect the way you see the game or in many cases, the way you see yourself. This is how I feel about Nolberto Solano. Nobby, as he was warmly known in England. The Peru Football World Cup team midfielder with nearly 100 attendances for Peru and 20 goals arrived at Newcastle in 1998 from Boca Juniors. Diego Maradona used to call him “El Maestrito”.

He hits the ball other World Cup players could only vision of, Maradona once said. It\'s correct, his right foot was made of Inca gold. Alan Shearer verified it to me a few months ago. All these greetings, however, are not the motive why Solano remains unusual to me. Not even his brief spell with my Aston Villa. That was just a familiar cherry on top. For more to know about Qatar World Cup Tickets Click here.

The truth is that Solano\'s arrival to England was an important moment because, for the first time in my life, others were lastly seeing a brown-skinned Peruvian in the attention. Nolberto Solano the kid from Callao was in the Premier League. The first-ever for a Peru Football World Cup team. To me, a 17-year-old kid who was still trying to search for his character in a country that yet didn\'t appreciate his culture, Solano\'s entrance to Newcastle meant the whole thing.

Attention right now is fully on Peru Qatar World Cup spot

Solano, now Peru\'s main secondary coach to Ricardo Gareca, sat down to debate the country\'s last push in Qatar Football World Cup qualifiers, the future of Peruvian superstars, and much more. Particularly, as we enter the international break, his attention right now is fully on the Peru World Cup spot, currently sitting in fifth standing on an intercontinental position in South America\'s table. Only a point behind Uruguay, their next enemy, so there is still, extremely, a fortune to automatically qualify for Qatar.

An amazing accomplishment, taking in mind that Peru World Cup was the lowest of the table back in September. It\'s acclaim to Solano, the training team, and of course, the leadership of the great Ricardo Gareca. You don\'t stop learning from all the great things Ricardo has trained you, Solano said. Not even just because of all the time, we have been organized but in general, I have always respected him. I think with Ricardo, the most vital thing, aside from his technical knowledge, I think he\'s a great human being.

From that booster he has given to the Peru Football World Cup squad after so many instants in the past with so much negativity, that also exaggerated me, I was a part of, when I was playing, in four FIFA World Cup qualifying stages from 1998 until 2005. We went through a very hard retro with a lot of criticism, a lot of it can\'t be done and I think he saved Peruvians, injected the side from its root that indeed, it can be done.

The optimistic attitude is born out of flexibility. Nothing is ever easy for the Peru World Cup team so the only way to win, as Solano conditions, is through hard work. This is what Ricardo Gareca has done in his seven years. Look, as we always say, we are, modestly, a national side where we have to work for everything. We are not like Brazil or Argentina, obviously great World Cup squads.

Solano said we\'ve always had to do it the solid way

Where there\'s a bonus of early qualification, says Solano. For us, we\'ve always had to do it the hard way. We\'ve had to hurt and even now, until the last one, we\'re always going to hurt. I think, modestly, that this is a very solid group. We have a squad that knows how to participate in these last few years, and we keep going with that soul, competitive, against great teams here in South America. Hopefully if God licenses, we\'ll have an extra chance of recurring to the World Cup.

We\'re always disapproved for not having a great league, not having the amount of talent that other FIFA World Cup sides are advantaged to have, and I think that\'s been thoughtful, but when our players come to the national side, they play well with us. So that\'s how we turned useful, from that humility, from the great individual that the Gareca is, and everything we\'ve done, we keep pushing, we are one squad.  I think the Peru Football World Cup team is a side where every piece is wanted.

To achieve this great objective, which is to return to the Qatar FIFA World Cup. This is a huge game in the context of World Cup qualifying as Uruguay is now in the fourth automatic spot while fifth-placed Peru lodges the play-off spot. Uruguay reignited their qualification push with six points from six in the last international pause, while Peru is undefeated in their last six competitive games so both sides will be sensibly confident heading into this bang. A draw may very well suit the hosts.

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