The Priceless Nuggets of Buying Gold Coins

Posted by capstonecoins on May 16th, 2016

If you are considering buying gold coins, then you will need to factor in two things: which type of gold coin best suits your objective; and secondly, what is the safe way for you to purchase the gold coins.

Gold coins come in two different types: numismatic coins also known as collectors’ coins and bullion coins. Investors will typically buy bullion coins because of the transparency of their prices. The prices of gold bullion are based on the grade gold physical investment market price. Currently, the gold bullion coins are between 22k and 24k, and have a gold content that is 90% or even higher level.   

Coin collectors purchase numismatic rare gold coins, and their values are subject to a number of factors not linked to the spot price of the gold. Similar to fine art, real numismatists are usually lifetime enthusiastic coin collectors who have vast years of specialized knowledge in ancient gold coins and this has sharpened their trade.

Selecting the best gold coin that meets your investing objective is dependent on a number of factors such as your geographic location, privacy significance when you are selling the gold coins back to the gold dealers, and the buy and sell side premiums. You cannot trust any business that claims ‘we buy gold’ without considering these factors and ensuring the authenticity of the business.

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If you want to convert an IRA to gold coins, then one of the best choices is to purchase gold bullion. The most sought after coins in gold bullion coins are the American Gold Eagles as well as the Canadian Gold Maple Leafs. Gold coins may be purchased online from reputable companies or locally from the coin shops or in the case of some countries, they can be purchased directly from the bank. Payment options vary from credit cards, bank transfers, checks, potential money orders, and papal among many others. Put into considerations the various differentiators between the gold coin traders; the trader offering the lowest price does not necessarily mean that he or she is offering the best choice.

Finally, perform due diligence in understanding all the costs of purchasing gold coins; there can be a quick add up of extraneous expenses. Find out if there are any hidden insurance fees, shipping costs, commissions, or extra charges for bank wire transfers, credit cards use etc.

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