How IoT Based Smart Agriculture Solutions from UbiBot Helps in The Agricultural

Posted by UbiBot on March 28th, 2022

IoT Based Smart Agriculture solutions from UbiBot are aimed at assisting farmers in closing the supply-demand gap by assuring high yields, profitability, and environmental preservation. Smart Agriculture refers to the use of IoT technology such as Wireless Temperature Sensor, Wireless Tags, etc, to assure the most efficient use of resources in order to maximize agricultural yields while lowering operating expenses. IoT in agriculture technologies includes specialized equipment, wireless connection, software, and information technology services. 

Various Implementations of UbiBot’s IoT Based Smart Solutions in Agriculture Solutions -

· IoT Based Smart Agriculture solutions for monitoring weather - When it comes to agriculture, the weather is quite important. Almost everything related to agriculture is affected by the weather. Temperature, humidity, light intensity, and soil moisture may all be tracked using Wireless Tags from UbiBot to ensure smart farming. The tracking system uses this to generate alarms or automate processes like water and air management. 

· IoT Based Smart Agriculture solutions for smart Irrigation - Smart irrigation makes use of automated sprinkler systems or smart pumps. Soil moisture sensors are used in a variety of applications to determine the moisture content of soil on agricultural property. The smart pumps or smart sprinklers are switched on or off based on the results of the soil moisture sensors. 

· IoT Based Smart Agriculture solutions for monitoring soil quality - To determine soil fertility and moisture content, farmers often utilize a sample method. Fortunately, because chemical breakdown differs from location to location, this sampling method does not provide reliable data. In order to overcome this issue, IoT Based Smart Agriculture solutions from UbiBot, play a critical role in farming. Sensors and Wireless Tags may be put at equal intervals over the farms to capture reliable soil data, which can then be used in the dashboard or mobile application for farm monitoring.

· IoT Based Smart Agriculture solutions for monitoring livestock - IoT Based Smart Agriculture solutions from UbiBot may be used to collect data on the cattle\\\'s whereabouts, well-being, and health. This information may then be used to identify the ill animals and remove them from the rest of the herd, avoiding disease transmission. With the use of IoT-based sensors, this Live Stock Monitoring also reduces labor expenses.

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