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Posted by Damaris Bits on May 16th, 2016

Just like there are different doctors that specialize in different areas of medicine, teachers and professionals for different subjects, there are also attorneys who specialize in different practices of law. Most people will hire a lawyer once in their lifetime, whether it be for any personal issue that arises or any legal problem that needs to be taken care of. A person can often solve problems on their own but there are times when a legal advisor is needed to helpdissipate the problem. An attorney is a person who has deep knowledge about the law and power and zeal to solve a matter legally. As everybody knows each lawyer specializes in a particular field, but what are the fields? What are the categories lawyers are divided into? Let's highlight the types of lawyer a person need in case of any legal assistance:

  • Civil Lawyer: Civil lawyers are those who deal with issues like divorce, adoption, and domestic issues. In the case of divorce who will get the child custody and the alimony. All of these are taken care of by civil attorneys. In some countries it is also called family law as this field particularly deals in family related issues.
  • Criminal Lawyer: Being accused of a crime can be a big charge to harm the goodwill of a person, require a large amount of money and can even send you to jail. These lawyers deal with some serious issues like burglary, robbery, assault, murder, child abuse, rape, and the list is endless. These lawyers are specially trained to deal will crime and abuse and suggest options to the client so that the person can come out safe and secure.
  • Personal Injury Attorney: In Greenville, NC, it is defined as the attorney who would represent a person who has been injured due to another person's negligence. These would inclue but are not limited to wrongful deaths, slip and fall, motor vehicle collisions and much more. The lawyers stand for the rights of the clients and fights for the reputation and any losses the client sustained as a result. There is no need to stay quiet and bear any injury, lawyers are there to help, all a person need is to contact and then be ready to see the offender get punished.
  • Medical Malpractice Attorney: Everyday a person comes across news headlines about doctors being negligent towards the patient and lead to some serious issues. People of Greenville, NC often complain about the injuries they get due to ill treatment in the hospitals, health negligence should not be tolerated. Attorneys are experts in taking strict action against malpractices and helping to save the humanity.
  • Estate Attorney: In Greenville, NC, an attorney that helps a person to decide the will, tax related problems, and other legal issues is known for estate planning. A person needs a lawyer who can take care of the legal issues while he conducts his business. So in case, if a person is looking for the same, surf the internet and locate the best lawyer and save yourself from any legal matter.

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