All About Panic Hardware

Posted by Park Avenue Locks on March 28th, 2022

Panic hardware is also known as the push bars that come with latches and is used as the final exit door installed in public places such as malls. Unfortunately, many people only get to know about this device when a panic situation occurs.

Many buildings have panic exit devices for applications where users do not know the route and the means of escape during an emergency. They tend to have broader door width, allowing immediate escape when there is pressure. However, many people do not know this device, and if you own a building, this article is for you.

What Is A Panic Bar?

The panic bar, also known as the crash bar or the panic door hardware, can be used for quick unlocking of the door during an emergency and helps get out of the building. It is designed for life safety compliance. The mechanism of this type of panic bar comes with a spring-loaded metal bar that is fixed horizontally within the egress-opening door.

Height Of Panic Bar

There are different types of panic bars, and all styles work similarly with the help of the arms on both bar sides. Door handles, latches, and other devices should be around 34 inches minimum, and the maximum number should be around 48 inches above the finished floor.

When the door\'s lever is pressed, it will activate the mechanism responsible for unlatching the door. It allows the occupants to get out quickly from the building and avoid delays and crowds that can be dangerous during emergencies.

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