6 Best Microcontrollers: Hardware for Embedded Computing

Posted by ShapeMySkills Pvt. Ltd. on March 28th, 2022

There are computers in locations that are hard to believe, thanks to the evolution of technology. Embedded Online Training systems can now utilize computers in a wide variety of innovative ways. Mini-computers with constrained memory, CPU, and storage capacities are now common among hardware manufacturers. There are many solutions available in the market, and they can be integrated into such compact devices. Here, is the six bests:

1. Arduino

The Arduino Board has many advantages.

  • Moreover, it\'s free and open-source.

  • For one thing, it has its development environment.

  • It is simple to operate.

  • It allows access to numerous shields, hence enhancing the available features.

The Arduino Board\'s Drawbacks

  • It has a limited amount of hardware resources for complex tasks

  • No operating system is used (Arduino Yun supports Linux based OS)

2. Beagleboard

The Beagleboard has several advantages:

  • Moreover, it\'s free and open-source.

  • It was cheap.

  • It has excellent requirements for the creation of embedded systems.

  • It can work with any language.

There are certain drawbacks to the Beagleboard:

  • It\'s not always easy to use.

  • Cross-compilation may be required.

3. The Raspberry Pi 

A look at some of the advantages of the Raspberry Pi

  • It\'s cost-effective

  • It is simple to use

  • As an open-source project

  • Many shields are available to enhance the board\'s capabilities.

Advantages and drawbacks of using the Raspberry Pi

  • Only Linux is supported.

  • For example, external storage may be required.

  • Infrared thermometer

4. Toradex i.MX

Using the Toradex Board has its advantages.

  • It has been tested and proven in the workplace.

  • The CPU and RAM provide processing power.

The Toradex Board\'s drawbacks

  • It\'s a bit pricey.

  • To run, additional boards are required.

  • Beginner embedded developers should not use it.

5. The Jetson from Nvidia

Nvidia\'s Jetson Board has many advantages.

• SDK is provided.

• It can be used with the Raspberry Pi computer.

Nvidia Jetson Board Drawbacks

• There is only one operating system supported by this device.

6. Intel Nuc.

The Intel Nuc Board\'s advantages:

• It is simple to operate.

• It gives the impression of working on your personal computer.

• Windows and Linux are supported.

Nvidia Jetson Board Drawbacks:

  • In comparison to other integrated boards, it is more expensive.

  • No examples or use cases are provided for the board in embedded system projects.

  • Developing for Embedded Computers Requires Special Attention.

Why do we need embedded computers?

Systems with minimal resources make use of embedded computers. No desktop or web-based software will work in this environment. When developing software for these platforms, keep these considerations in mind:

Memory constraints are the first thing you need to keep in mind. C and C++ are the primary programming languages used in Embedded Training in Noida systems development. This type of system requires tight control over memory and other resources.

The next step is to figure out how to compile our code. A custom toolchain is required for systems. 

Finally, please consider your project\'s dependencies and how to connect them. You must decide whether to compile the required libraries as part of the OS image and link them dynamically or whether to link them statically. ShapeMyskills Pvt Ltd is the finest institution for Embedded Training in Delhi.

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