Why MLB jerseys could look a little bit different following end of lockout

Posted by freeamfva on March 29th, 2022

Why MLB jerseys could look a little bit different following end of lockout

Following the lead of both the NBA and the NHL, MLB teams could be making small changes to their uniforms as early as this season.To get more news about jerseywholesale, you can visit buyviagraonline24hours.com official website.

As part of the new CBA, advertisements by way of patches on jerseys and helmet decals are coming, adding another source of revenue for MLB teams.

The league is still finalizing details regarding patch size, prohibited categories and where on the jersey the patches will be able to be placed.

It\'s not a new sight for pro sports: As mentioned, both the NHL and NBA already have or have plans to add patches to their uniforms, while overseas, this has been a common occurrence for quite some time.

NBA teams rake in the big bucks with their uniform patches; the patch program for the league has neared a quarter of a billion dollars in value.It remains to be see which advertisers will take the plunge to advertise for a sport that has leaned into the older demographic for quite some time.

With MLB adopting the patch and decal avenue, this leaves the NFL as the last of the four major pro sports leagues in the United States to be without jersey patches for advertisements, though that\'s something that could change in the coming years.

The introduction of patches will be a minor thing that, thankfully, won\'t affect the game on the field; after all, uniforms are already emblazoned with the Nike logo, while jerseys, cleats and other gear all host logos, too.

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