Complete Residential Moving: What Does a Moving Company Service Include?

Posted by Web Digital Media Group on March 29th, 2022

Knowing what is included in the service provided by a moving company is one of the first demands of those who need to undergo a complete residential move. After all, in addition to analyzing whether the amount to be paid for the service is consistent, the customer has the right to know which stages of this process are his responsibility and which are the company\'s.

 So, thinking about helping people who will go through this moment, we prepared this content, which will clarify what the responsibilities of a moving company are. With this, it is possible to plan better for this new phase!

 The services provided by a moving company such as All around moving

 First of all, you need to know that everything that we are going to mention from now on refers to the service provided by All around moving. This is because not all companies offer the services that we deliver to our customers.

 That\'s why it\'s good to be aware of this issue and try to find out what is included in the service of other moving companies. In this content we talk more about it!

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 But now that you know that, let\'s go to the services included in a complete residential move by All around moving!

 Packing for each item transported

 In addition to using packaging produced with quality materials and specific to each item, such as coat racks, bubble wrap and reinforced boxes, All around moving himself removes the clothes, dishes and other objects from inside the cabinets to pack. That is, the family that is moving does not have any work with their belongings.

 Are you thinking about packing your move yourself, check out our tips here.

 Disassembly and assembly of furniture

 Disassembling the furniture in the old house and assembling it in the new house is also a function of the moving company, when the service is hired. This step, like all others, is performed by qualified and experienced professionals.

 Transport with real-time monitoring

 When transporting the customer\'s belongings, our company offers real-time monitoring of the change to transport to another city. That is, it is possible to follow the movement of the truck and know the exact time of its arrival at the new house. That way, you can program yourself better to receive it.

 Complete insurance of transported items

 Insuring your belongings is essential when moving. After all, although our company is serious, responsible and reliable, incidents can happen. That\'s why the insurance gives more peace of mind to the customer, in addition, of course, to being easy to use and without bureaucracy.

 Pre and post move online advice and planning

 In addition to everything that has been mentioned so far, our company also provides personalized support whenever you need it. That\'s why we have a complete pre and post move consultancy, for which there is a team available to accompany the client and help him in planning a smooth move.

 It does not stop there! Our team also values ??the organization of the house before and after the move. That is, literally, you and your family just need to move into the new house!

 Complete residential move — All around moving

 All these services provided by All around moving  really provide a complete best residential moving company. After all, by bringing to itself the responsibilities of all the details of this process, which, for those who are moving, is exhausting, the company guarantees comfort and tranquility to the customer, since he will not have to worry about anything at all. 


In this way, you gain more time to resolve other procedures, such as buying or renting a new property, caring for children or pets, employment, among other details.


Our mission is to promote quality of life anywhere! So, if you need it, count on us!

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