Build Your First NFT Marketplace in Binance Smart Chain

Posted by Angeline on March 29th, 2022

NFTs have been around for a long time. On the other hand, the non-fungible token boom in early May 2021 pushed a specialized business into a global industry. The non-fungible markets have stabilized. Nonetheless, many observers believe that the full potential of non-fungible token technology has yet to be realized. As a result, getting in on the ground floor as a creator early could pay off in the long run.

Many people are unsure what makes an NFT marketplace in BSC valuable; if you’re one such person, this is the ideal article. 

Highlights of Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

BSC is a side chain that runs parallel to the native Binance chain. It was launched in mid-2020 to enhance the decentralized blockchain space. Decentralized lending platforms, decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, crypto wallets, and non-fungible tokens are all part of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

Binance Smart Chain has always been one of the go-to chains for NFT sales, according to this data report from Crypto Slam. The entirety of February 2022 witnessed a record sale with numbers up to .14million. 

Several NFT Marketplaces have contributed significantly to the Binance Smart Chain\'s increased NFT sales volume. Mobox, NFTrade, AirNFTs, and Treasureland are just a few marketplaces available.

How To Build?

Non-fungible token trade-in is currently on the rise. To trade NFTs, many unique NFT markets have been created. However, all NFT markets have issues, so blockchain experts have decided to create a market on the Finance SmartChain site to address these issues.

  • First and foremost, decide your marketplace’s niche, let it be an NFT marketplace for art or music or games, etc. 

  • Secondly, devise a project roadmap.

  • Thirdly, choose your technology partner (aka) NFT marketplace development company.

  • Lastly, develop your marketplace platform on BSC.


By partnering with a reputable NFT development company, crypto entrepreneurs can create NFTs on BSC. We can not only show you how to create an NFT marketplace on BSC, but we can also do it (at affordable costs) for you! If you wish to proceed, do let us know!

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