Simple Ways to Relieve Stress

Posted by mehul on March 29th, 2022

Earlier, mental health was not a much discussed topic. It has been always kept under covers and open conversations about it have been a stinging issue in India. On the flip side, mental health has always been an important issue and almost all of us experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

However, we always don’t get much time to reduce stress levels. We are tied up either in work or some other activities. Thus, we need to have some techniques and hacks that offer instant stress relief. For a short term, these techniques will definitely help in reducing stress levels. I have managed to curate some easy techniques for you all to reduce stress.

Here are some prominent ways to decrease stress levels. If you want more information, you can pay a visit to Tending Minds, one of the best psychological clinics in Pune!

Count Backwards

When you experience panic or anxiety, take a deep breath and count backwards from 10 to 1. It will help you calm down to a great extent.

The Ball Hack

Do you know a ball can help you reduce stress and anxiety levels? Don’t believe me? Try for yourself. Take a golf ball and get a relaxing foot massage by rubbing your feet over it. A sponge ball can also assist you in stress relief. Just squeeze, release, and repeat!

Write it Out

When you experience severe stress, it’s a bad idea to vent it out on others. What you can do is write it down and it does not matter what type of paper you are using for it! Just start writing and express all the stress you have to the paper. Trust me, you’ll definitely feel better after a while.

Take a Walk

Several studies have indicated that a short walk can be the best way to relieve stress. Many studies have highlighted that people who took short walk breaks in between experienced enhanced relaxation and low nervousness levels at work. Hence, you can stroll away your stress effectively!

Tune In to Some Relaxing Music

Music has the power to influence your mood. Individuals listening to music with an intention to relax experience lower stress levels. Music is a powerful weapon that can attack stress with all its might. Just search for the perfect playlist comprising relaxing tunes and voila! You just found an easier way to kick stress out of your soul!

Most of the tips suggested here can decrease your stress levels for a limited period. If you want long-term results, you have to change your lifestyle entirely. You have to embrace mindfulness and introduce it in your daily routine. These changes can work wonders for you and help you tackle stress more effectively.

If you need guidance on how to start with mindfulness, you must book your slot at Tending Minds, the best psychological clinic in Pune. With our extensive expertise in psychology, we can suggest you the best plan for overcoming stress. So, what’s the wait for? Relieve your stress now!  

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