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The FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be ground contravention in several ways when the 1st ball is kicked at the Al Bayt Ground on Nov. 21. Being held in the Middle East as part of FIFA\'s initiative to host a major contest in the region Qatar World Cup will bring the biggest global football showpiece to the Arab world for the 1st time. However, the choice to grant a.

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World Cup to Qatar has not been deprived of censure, With the main physical change of switching to an end-of-year rivalry generating plenty of storms. Contest managers, backed by world main body FIFA, complete early on in the hosting process that an old-style June-July contest would not be likely.

Why is the Qatar  World Cup in November and December?

The main reason for swapping the rivalry for Qatar\'s winter months is depressed by the sheer impracticality of live football in the region\'s summer. The regular fever is far too high to make that likely, with players and fans unlikely to be able to cope bodily across the month-long contest. Despite extensive hostility to switching the World Cup to the end of the year.

Qatari officials have reliably stated that it was a key part of their offer to host the rivalry, and FIFA ratified that choice following a 2018 viability study into the final plans. The Qatar Stars League usually runs from August to April, with fevers at the end of the domestic season already reaching a regular of around 90 F 32°.

What will the temperature be in Qatar for FIFA World Cup?

With the mercury set to increase to painful levels in the old-style June-July contest window, a winter competition was a certainty. But players and fans will still face hot and humid situations when the action gets happening, even in the Qatari winter months.

Average heats in the region will still be around 75 F (24 C) when the action starts, with the contest hosts having had to make important adjustments to house a competition that will see players and fans travel from all corners of the World Cup admires. For more know aboutFootball World Cup Tickets Click Here.

Are the World Cup stadiums air-conditioned?

1 of the main versions that Qatari officials have had to make is to confirm that all 8 arenas involved in the rivalry will be air-conditioned. Despite anxieties over the ability of coolant machines to considerably bring down the heat in open-air grounds, each site has been armed with particularly designed cooling units.

The skill has been advanced along with Qatar University, using solar energy to control fans that pull in outside air and cool it’d Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Qatar University and nicknamed Dr Cool, has led the project and will be part of the labours to confirm a full roll out at all 8 sites in time for the initial match. In an interview with, Dr Saul exposed.

“We are not just cooling the air, we\'re cleaning it. We\'re purifying the air for viewers. For example, people who have allergies won\'t have problems inside our stadiums as we have the cleanest and purest air there is. Pre-cooled air comes in through grills built into the stands and large nozzles alongside the pitch. Using the air circulation technique, cooled air is then drawn back, re-cooled, filtered and pushed out where it is needed.”

Why is the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar?

Qatar was nominated by FIFA fast of rival bids from Australia, Japan, South Korea and the U.S. throughout the last vote in 2010. Former FIFA leader Sepp Blatter who has since been stripped from the office next charges of dishonesty stated at the time that the choice created a link between Arab states and a tie to the West over football. The Arabic world justifies a World Cup.

They have 22 republics and have not had any chance to host the contest before, Blatter stated in 2010. That choice has not been without debate, though. Qatar has found itself opposite criticism from human rights groups, with the attention shone on the situations nearby foreign labourers, who are structured many of the state-of-the-art stadiums. Claims of corruption in the request process have also marred the build-up.

Qatar has reliably denied any crime and a FIFA probe found no sign to the contrary, though U.S. DAs have also been difficult. The 2026 World Cup will be jointly hosted by 3 states another historical 1st with duties mutual between Canada, Mexico and the U.S. The chilling systems implemented at 7 of the 8 Qatar FIFA World Cup fields are each unique and accessible challenges for Dr Saud and his side.

“At each venue, we needed to cater for the players and spectators, the players need cooler air than the spectators, as they are running around. Our challenge at each venue was to provide the correct technology and temperature for different areas of the stadium,” said Dr Saud.

The 1st cooling system was applied at Khalifa International Ground an existing site. Here, the skill needed to fit the ground, while at Al Janoub the 1st site to be built from scratch it was united at the design phase. When it derives to Al Thumama Ground, which will be invested on 22 October when it hosts the Amir Cup Final between Al Rayyan and Al Sadd, the chilling technology system is progressive. Dr Saud said.

 “We have applied the lessons learned from all our previous projects. At Al Thumama, the cool air is closer to the spectators. Here, we cool the air under the seats and recycle and purify it inside the venue. AL Thumama also benefits from having a completely white exterior, thanks to its design replicating the gahfiya head cap, which reflects the sun and helps to keep the stadium cool.”

How it works: Qatar’s cooling technology

Outside air is chilled over air conditioning fans that are driven by solar energy. The cooled air enters the ground done grills in the attitudes and large nozzles on the pitch. Using an airflow method, cooled air is then haggard back. The drawn back air is then re-cooled and clean. Once re-cooled and filtered, the recycled air is lacking out again into the ground

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