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Posted by goldsafe21 on May 16th, 2016

This game has many good points and very unique, but it also has a lot of flaws. flaws can be fixed over time I guess. However, I do not know how to get Ncsoft attention on 2 fatal flaws.

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#1 Faction: This game is concentrated on PVP, regardless of how you like to avoid thinking that everything you do in this game is to become strong for PVP. After doing the same dungeons over and over everyday to save up for materials to upgrade my gears is to increase my Attack Power which is use for PVP - some may enjoy doing that I guess. Its hard to believe that I enjoy doing dungeons, but I had to force myself to so that I can upgrade my gears.

After 3 months, I have strong Attack Power and I learned my class and learned to counter other classes.

Dairy Day 1. Crimson Respawn Camp - players get attacked at respawn spot? WTF is that? a group of Ceruleans camp at Misty wood's Crimson respawn spot to kill them at respawns for kill counts.

Dairy Day 2. After hours of fighting a group of Ceruleans to get our Camp back by myself, some other Crimson showed up but too low AP, so we keep dying and kept on coming back, there was 1 Crimson has high AP and in Strong Guild - rank 14, but stood there and acted like nothing happened.

Diary Day 3. I killed a lot of lower level (I can tell they are lower level or low AP b/c how easy it is to kill them when me vs 3) in Misty wood to get our Crimson Camp back (need NPC for quests) just so there are more Ceruleans come out. So it was a group of Ceruleans now becomes a crowd of Ceruleans.

So my question is: everyone there has same AP, can 1 player win against 5 players? (I used 5 because it would be more realistic, due to some folks with mighty mind will say I can 1 vs 3 - I'm sorry but you can't unless they are lower level & lower AP than you).

Then, Unbalanced Faction because the way the game allow players to change faction easily as if changing shoes.

Aion has many flaws, but 1 thing I am sure is that, it has great Faction/Race balanced.

Its a great game, lots of new aspects, great potentials, I waited for this game for years. Those 2 things are very important and very basic. Faction is the drive for more AP, Cross-server is where you go get these materials & bns gold for AP. Please do something about it.

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