Applications of Raised Flooring Systems

Posted by Ananya Singh on March 30th, 2022

Raised flooring systems have various applications, but the primary application provides Underfloor Air Distribution Systems (UFAD) in different places such as offices, data centers, and computer rooms. These places have heavy equipment installations that are usually prone to accidents caused by fire and short circuits. Therefore, proper ventilation and cooling become a dire necessity; otherwise, the equipment will not sustain itself. Void spaces under the raised floors are not only for ventilation but also for installing mechanical and electrical systems.

Telecommunication systems are usually intricate and require a long line of equipment cabinets. Any mishappen can cause severe loss for businesses and businesses that run on telecommunications to install access floors because these systems are usually in remote locations. Seldom any technical error will happen unless tampered with by an external force. The best way to secure these systems is by placing them in a low-temperature environment where they don\'t catch fire easily.

  • Places that need distributed air conditioning systems inherently have raised flooring systems. Bates flooring solutions service is one of the few companies with special expertise in providing the best office flooring services.

  • Conventional post and panel-raised floors won\'t suit today\'s telecommunications systems because the mechanism has become slightly complicated these days.
  • Bates flooring solutions service provides several types of post and panel-raised floors based on the concrete structure of the office flooring and business requirements.

  • Installation of stringless raised floors is becoming the most sought-after system these days. These access floors have many posts that properly provide the necessary height for cables and wire installations.

  • However, the professionals must install the raised floors with utmost care as the leveling of the subfloors is crucial, so experienced professionals must do the installation. Bates flooring systems have provided raised floor installation service for a long time, thus having in-depth experience in this arena.

  • Also, there are stringed raised floors having steel base plates, a tubular upright, and ahead establishing a stronger joint.

  • Structural platforms are much more robust and elaborated as they have steel angles reinforced with multiple bolts welded together, making them an integrated support platform that can support various components.

  • Truss Assemble is a system that uses attachment points to support the subfloor by providing a framework where the floor panels can rest. The feature that makes this system different from other panel and post raised floors is that it has got better lateral strength as it channelizes the subfloor\'s lateral load with the least amount of strain. Hence, this feature makes it better than most vertical pedestal assembly systems.

Conclusion: From office flooring to commercial buildings requiring extensive raised flooring, you can always contact Bates Flooring Solutions company as their service track record is perfect right from the beginning.

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