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Posted by Danyking on May 16th, 2016

earning champion points

Champion Points will be gained much faster than Veteran Ranks due to Enlightenment and Champion Point cost scaling.

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Enlightened players gain XP 300% faster, and Champion Point scaling ensures that it will take less XP to earn Champion Points at low Champion levels. As an example, the very first Champion Point requires only 32,000XP, while the 445th Champion Point requires 400,000XP. As progression is now tied to Champion Points instead of Veteran Rank, this means you will progress and wear higher-level gear faster than in the old system.

To account for this, we adjusted the level of monsters across the Silver and Gold zones. Silver zones are now Champion Point 40, 70, 100, 130, 150. As we expect you to be around 160 Champion Points or higher after completing Silver, all of the Gold zones exclusively have Champion Point 160 monsters. This provides an optimal leveling experience for new players, and max-level players have an entire alliance's worth of content to explore and gain full experience in.

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