How to decorate a coffee table or a small living room table?

Posted by Web Digital Media Group on March 30th, 2022

Here is a small everyday piece of furniture that has quickly found its place in your living room, we are of course talking about the coffee table . Practical and elegant at the same time, a large living room table (or smaller depending on your available space) serves both as a side table and as a display surface for your souvenirs as your decorative objects. But how to properly decorate your coffee table? Should you choose it according to your desires or according to your interior style?

 Our Coley Home advisers tell you all about choosing and fitting out a coffee table, whatever its shape and size.

 The style of your coffee table, a decorative element in its own right

 Remember: The coffee table has been with you since a young age, serving as a side table in small spaces (like student accommodation). If you have a larger surface, this small living room table gains in boldness and style. Although classic models are still very successful, like the wooden coffee table or the rectangular living room table, designers are now showing boundless imagination to personalize this piece of furniture. Thus, you will find in store as on our website several models:

 But if the shapes of a living room coffee table follow fashions, the materials of this piece of furniture are not left out. You will be able to choose a coffee table in glass, metal, ceramic or mix materials such as wood and metal...

 This small table holds your decorative objects, your remote controls or even your favorite books. But let\'s admit that what we like most about the coffee table is that after a hard day it can serve as an excellent footstool when placed in front of a sofa and accompanied by a small cushion.

 Choose a coffee table decoration in accordance with your philosophy of life

 A true everyday piece of furniture, the coffee table is also a surface for expressing your passions or your philosophy of life. Understand by this that it generally reflects the atmosphere of your choice when skillfully decorated. Of course, the most famous coffee table decoration comes down to the addition of candles (watch out for the wax!), frames and dried flowers , but nothing prevents you from personalizing it to your image.

 Some examples of coffee table decoration according to the atmosphere

 With the help of simple decorative touches, your living room table becomes an atmosphere booster. For example, you can accentuate:

  • a romantic atmosphere : a few candles and dried flowers accompany your souvenir frames
  • a cozy atmosphere : small potted plants and wooden decorative objects
  • a design atmosphere : little decoration but with transparent or metallic accents…

 But be careful not to forget the primary function of a coffee table, that is to say its practicality. For this, we opt for a low storage table, under which you can slide baskets and crates. If you regularly have to move your living room table (to unfold a sofa bed for example), don\'t forget the wheels! Finally, transform your small piece of furniture into a side table in seconds, thanks to a nesting coffee table or a coffee table with ottoman, invisible when not in use.

 Out of inspiration or looking for professional advice to choose the right living room furniture? Come visit us in store! You will discover several models on display so you can see for yourself. If you can\'t come, don\'t worry: a Coley Home advisor is available by phone if needed. Express your expectations to him, he will be able to guide you to the ideal coffee table for your home.

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