The Importance of Personalization Platforms

Posted by alvina on March 31st, 2022

Think about your personal customer service experiences in the recent past. How many of them did you come away from satisfied? How many did you come away from irritated? Our bet is that you came away feeling more irritated than not. Why?

Poor automation

Despite the amazing technology and personalization tool we have available they are completely underutilized. Far too often the various user experience scenarios are not thoroughly thought through which results in poor automation like frustrating looping and page not found errors. The user will probably abandon the task, and ultimately the company, and take their business elsewhere. For example, there is nothing more frustrating than awaiting a verification email that never comes, going to the website to make contact only to find a single option, a form, which you complete and never get a response to. There you are, ready to buy a product, and you can’t because the website hasn’t been tested and the contact options are minimal. Then you get the companies where there are multiple contact options that are over automated and can’t deal with your specific needs.

No personalization

People don’t want to be numbers. They still want to be valued customers. They want the same personal service as they would get if they were to walk into a brick and mortar store. Think about that. How do you feel when you frequent a local business and they greet you by name compared with one where you’re lucky if you get a curt nod. Just because business is increasingly being done online doesn’t mean we have to become impersonal. In fact, we need to make a concerted effort to find personalization solution that make up for the lack of face-to-face interactions. There are still far too many companies, including large corporations, whose digital communication is poor because there is minimal, if any, personalization. This is rather surprising considering the amazing personalization platforms available.

Good news!

Whilst this poor attention to personalization is not pleasant for consumers, it is really good news for businesses ready to take the gap and get their personalization right. It is one of the main things that will set a business above the rest and sales are guaranteed to soar. Results of personalization and excellent customer service are often better than those of marketing campaigns. Research shows that consumers are willing to pay 68% more for a product or service that has personalized customer service. Customers who have had a good customer experience are 98% likely to buy again. Numbers like that are difficult to beat.

Invest in a personalization platform solution

Personalization platform solutions provide a range of personalization tools that can be customized to suit specific customer service needs. They can trigger pop-ups based on user behavior or geographic location, they can personalize emails, customize content and personalize communication according to industry, position in the sales funnel, and a host of other variables.

Effective personalization has a huge impact on the quality of a company’s customer service which in turn will create loyal customers and grow revenue.

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