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Posted by Mords1944 on March 31st, 2022

Choosing kitchen ideas is always a personal decision. Personal preferences play a significant role in determining various factors of the kitchen. However, some outdated kitchen ideas are not worth implementing in this modern era.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, we can help by sharing some common ideas to avoid. But remember, these ideas aren’t necessarily bad; it is just that they have been overused and might not be functional in modern kitchens.

Full white kitchens

White has been a dominant color in the kitchen for a long time. It has become too monotonous that homeowners are not finding it effective anymore. Instead of full white kitchens, homeowners can opt for off-white kitchen cabinets. They have the same aesthetic value that the white color has just that it is not very conspicuous.

Large cabinets

Cabinets are both for aesthetics and storage purposes. You need to strike a balance between the two functions of kitchen cabinets. It is no longer fashionable to install large cabinetry units in the kitchen. Modern homeowners are finding creative ways of increasing storage space without necessarily installing large cabinets. For example, the open-shelving approach can help in both storage and aesthetics. This design can work perfectly well if you have off-white kitchen cabinets in your kitchen.

Crazy backsplash

Playing with colors in the backsplash used to be an amazing idea in the past. It could still work for some homes. However, this design is outdated and doesn’t fit in most modern kitchens. Simplicity has become a key element that most homeowners are striving to achieve. With off-white kitchen cabinets, you don’t need a crazy backsplash. You should maintain simplicity if you want your kitchen to stand out.


Oversize hardware and equipment

Regarding space, the more space you have in the kitchen the better. However, bigger is not always better when it comes to hardware and equipment. They eat the space that you have in the kitchen, making the kitchen look smaller. You should consider the size of your kitchen when buying appliances and equipment. The other alternative is to use brighter colors like off-white kitchen cabinets to make the kitchen appear a bit bigger. Dull colors will always make the room feel small, which isn’t a great thing if you have large equipment and appliances in your kitchen.


As earlier mentioned, these are just ideas of what is perceived to be outdated. They can work well for your kitchen.


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