How Modern Farmhouse Kitchens Are Constructed

Posted by Mords1944 on March 31st, 2022

Creating a unique kitchen space requires some bit of creativity, more especially if you are targeting to design a modern kitchen. There are lots of options that you can explore for a modern kitchen. Even homeowners with farmhouse kitchen cabinets can recreate their kitchens to include modern aspects of a kitchen.

So, what are the modern ideas that one can use in their kitchens? Here are a few design options that you can consider for your next kitchen remodeling.

The work triangle

In modern times, kitchens are not just for aesthetics but also for function. You can create a work triangle in your home that will make your access to basic kitchen items easy. The work triangle in a kitchen consists of the range, the sink, and the refrigerator. While designing your work triangle you should consider making it compact for the convenience of the kitchen user. But it should also be big enough to accommodate two people working together in the kitchen.

Gathering/entertainment areas

You should also create gathering and entertainment areas. Just like the way farmhouse kitchen cabinets are useful in a kitchen setting and so is the entertainment area. While creating this area, you should make it go a bit far from the work triangle. But you should also ensure that the entertainment area has a direct view of the work triangle.


Consider the geometry of appliances

The kind of appliances that you have in your kitchen influences many other things. For example, you might want to consider their geometry when drawing the plan of your kitchen to avoid accidents or inconveniences. Similarly, ensure that the color of the appliances rhyme with the farmhouse kitchen cabinets in your home.

Play with lighting

Lighting plays an important role in defining the aesthetic view of the kitchen. You must be mindful of the lighting effect on your kitchen. Most designers prefer homes with more light flowing to the kitchen. It makes the kitchen look and feels larger than it is. It also makes the kitchen feel airy. If you can’t afford to add more natural light to the kitchen, you can fix more light fixtures.

Consider neatness

How clean will your kitchen look? Remember, it is all about perception here. Strive to use colors that will make your kitchen look clean. It is not a must to install white cabinetry for your kitchen to look neat; even farmhouse kitchen cabinets can do the trick.

With these modern ideas, you can get started on at least one aspect of your kitchen. Remember, tons of other amazing ideas are out there. These are just a few samples to get you started.


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