Benefits of Property Insurance in Moultrie and Valdosta, Georgia

Posted by BrownleeAgencyGA on March 31st, 2022

Those associated with farming might have already noticed how bad things can turn if they don\'t have adequate insurance. People who depend on farm produce to make a living must have proper insurance. One must be familiar with the intricacies of farm insurance, including the benefits that come with the policy.

Let\'s learn some of the benefits one might enjoy by having farm insurance in Tifton and Albany, GA in place.

Protects the Farm Equipment and Machinery


The use of heavy equipment for farming operations is justifiable as long they can get things done faster and more efficiently. Hence, having farm machine coverage makes a lot of sense. The primary purpose of this insurance is to help farmers repair or replace the equipment if it is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril.

The standard equipment and machinery that are covered included tractors, combines, planters, field equipment, hay rakes, and other tools. One may also consider having commercial auto insurance for vehicles that are used for farm work. In most cases, portable irrigation equipment and portable structures and fences are covered as well.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the policy does not cover normal wear and tear, improper machine usage, or deliberate equipment damage. Hence, it is crucial to take good care of the equipment.

Protects the livestock and farm products


The farming operation entails dealing with grains, seeds, livestock, or all. Fortunately, all these items are duly covered in the farm insurance in case of a fire or disaster. Generally, farm insurance does not cover anything planted, including trees and crops. Instead, it provides coverage for livestock if they are injured or killed by a covered peril.

Horses and equine animals are special in that they serve a wide range of uses. The majority of farm insurance plans cover a wide range of perils that might befall farm animals. Some extended insurance provides coverage for unintentional shootings or being hit by a rail or car.

It comes with a liability coverage

Like property insurance in Moultrie and Valdosta, Georgia, farm insurance protects against lawsuits for personal injury, property damage, and medical expenses. Additionally, the coverage provides compensation for legal costs if someone is sued for farm-related injuries or damage. The use of complex machinery on the farm increases the chances of accidents. Besides, farm animals often feast on a neighbor\'s crops. In either case, farmers might take a beating if they are not adequately insured.


What is not covered by farm insurance?

Remember, when it comes to insuring a farm, there are a few items that people would think are automatically covered by insurance but aren\'t. There are a few intricacies involving fences and fires that homeowners should bear in mind while considering their coverage.

Standard farm insurance plans seldom cover fencing. Some farms may have no fence, while others may have miles of it. To have a farm insurance policy that covers fencing generally would imply factoring in a risk that many policyholders aren\'t exposed to, despite the alarming increase in the premium rate.

Looking to buy farm insurance in Tifton and Albany, Georgia? It is better to get it from an insurance agency that offers property insurance in Moultrie and Valdosta, GA as well.

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