How To Ensure Proper Chairlift Installation in Falls Church, VA and Damascus, MD

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on March 31st, 2022

Acorn is a well-trusted name among stairlift manufacturers. Investing in one of its models can be an asset at home. One can be assured of retaining independence despite being of advanced years. Sure, installing an elevator may be an excellent solution to achieve perfect mobility, but the costs may be too crippling for a person of limited means to consider.

Almost all user express satisfaction with branded stairlifts, though. It is essential to remember that the lift is a mechanical device that experiences wear & tear just like any other machine. Having it stall or stop altogether may affect one’s life. Moreover, a faulty stairlift increases the risk of bodily harm too. Contacting an experienced technician for Acorn stairlift repair in Arlington and Vienna, VA, is necessary when the device is not functioning.

Yes! A senior person or a disabled person using the stairlift may not be able to tell if something is seriously wrong. A minor issue can be corrected without involving a technician, though. One can obtain the information by going through the instruction manual carefully and then deciding about requesting professional repair services. One of the most effective ways to understand the gravity of the situation would be to look for the error codes and rectify them as needed.

There is indeed cause for alarm when the displayed code has an E preceding it. Most of them can be fixed easily without ending for an expert technician. E5 indicates that the seat is not in the proper position. Swiveling the seat a few times can correct this issue. E8 is a sign that the batteries are low in charge and need to be charged immediately. Likewise, the E9 tells one that the key switch is at the off position. It needs to be moved to when the user wants to operate the stairlift.

It is the F or fatal code that one must look out for. This code indicates a significant issue and should never be tackled independently. It is advisable to call a professional to make the repairs. Tinkering with the machine without the expertise and experiment may damage the stairlift for good and injure the concerned person.

It is a good idea to keep a list of fatal error codes handy so that one may form a notion of what is wrong. The associated codes include:

F1- Board relay error that needs the board to be replaced completely

F2 - Faulty brakes. Only a technician will be able to fix this issue

F3 - A motor fault that may jeopardize the safety of the user

Experts recommend opting for a reputed brand when it is time to solve mobility issues.

It is essential to contact a well-known dealer and request chairlift installation in Falls Church, VA, and Damascus, MD. Having a professional recognized by the manufacturer will help get the lift installed perfectly with the warranty being in force.

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