Lyme Disease Treatments

Posted by alvina on April 1st, 2022

Lyme disease is an illness that spreads through tick bites and affects roughly 300,000 people in the United States every year. The bacteria that causes this disease can sometimes be cleared up quickly, but may persist chronically in others.

Currently, doctors treat these with three varieties of antibiotics, but the bacteria have a habit of becoming resistant to these rendering them useless. So, doctors are trying to find some alternative treatment for Lyme disease.

Antibiotics are the only proven method of Lyme disease treatment in humans, so the other methods discussed in this article are not tried and are true ways to kill the bacteria. Research is still going into these options that will hopefully lead to more discoveries down the road.

As of now essential oil herbal treatments and alternative therapies are two of the most popular ways how to treat treatment disease naturally. Today we will review some examples of each and describe how they can work to treat Lyme disease.

Essential Oils in Lyme Disease Treatment

If you are unfamiliar with essential oils, they have concentrated plant extracts that have many uses. They are most commonly used to diffuse into the air for aromatherapy or as a holistic treatment for a variety of ailments.

But these essential oils actually have antibiotic properties and can kill bacteria. Because of these scientists have been looking into different plant extracts to see how effective they can be at killing off Lyme disease bacteria and preventing them from coming back.

Recently, scientists have explored how the extracts from the plants Ghanaian quinine and Japanese knotweed work against Lyme disease bacteria and found that not only do they completely eradicate the bacteria in one week but actually keep it from coming back.

This is huge, as many individuals suffer from chronic Lyme disease as either their body or antibiotics can not keep the bacteria population from growing. So this is promising for chronic Lyme disease treatment as well as those who are resistant to antibiotics.

Alternative Therapies for Lyme Disease

There is a multitude of methods being tested to cure Lyme disease in patients who can not find relief through traditional treatment methods. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and Chelation therapy may be some alternative therapies used in Lyme disease treatment.

The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is a 100% oxygen pressurized space that is used to help treat a variety of different ailments. Although there is very little research on this method, one case study in Taiwan found that it cured an individual who other treatments had not worked for.

Chelation therapy is when a person ingests a compound that attaches to heavy metals found in the bloodstream so that the kidneys are able to process it and the metals are able to leave the body. Some day Lyme disease symptoms are attributed to these heavy metals, but it is not proven,

However, chelation therapy, as well as all these other methods, could one day be a better method to help in Lyme disease treatment. More research should develop in the coming years, but discuss with your doctor before starting any kind of new treatment.

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