Entertainment Sector to be blamed for Increased Drug Use?

Posted by Trust care on April 1st, 2022

As the segment of movies and music have always been on the rise among the general public to be influenced by the styling and songs of various movies and albums, the entertainment and the pop culture between the glamorous lights have also issued the normalisation of various segments and activities among the society which is not good for the health and state of many, where the negative impact creation and tossed around with the glorified use of such substances among the general public. Hence, the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India, comment on the major steps of intake of harmful drugs, where millenials are getting influenced and are consuming harmful drugs making the situation look easy to deal with and utmost cool.

The situation has thus worsened in the current days, as nearly every teen movie showcases the consumption of drugs being very casual in nature, nearly comparing the scenarios to be a wedding without a cake. Thus, the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India states that the misuse of such portrayals has increased the use of drugs in every manner possible with perfect hideouts and transferability of drugs across the nation in a much swift manner. The acceptance of such scenes mainly spoils the name of the glamorous world where addiction is played out to be very casual in nature and being too glamourize which also at times drives young kids to get into the habits just to look cool among their peer groups.

Such myths are also spread around by many celebrities and are then showcased and telecasted in such an influential manner by the popular media where movies and series shows so much amount of drug consumption, addiction and abuse, which are absolute okay to be used amongst the society, making the portray to be very obvious and easy which it is absolutely not. Nearly 35% of the music videos have alcohol consumption to be released, where 10% is captured for tobacco use and 13% for illicit drug consumption respectively. Nearly 1 drinking scene is telecasted for around 22 minute per day, with 1 smoking scene for around 57 minutes a day, whereas the highest ratio stands for illicit drug consumption for 112 minutes a day.

Thus, one should immensely understand the difference between a real and a reel life, where the media sector should also understand the consequences especially amongst the young generation who suffers from a growing stage, where struggling recovery always comes at a cost, of either time, money or at times of life.

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